Saturday, February 03, 2007


My favorite Aussie atheist, Beep!Beep!It's Me! has tagged me with yet another meme - this time a rather odd one.

(Note: my grumblings are all faux complaints, I need to maintain my curmudgeonly status, else all five of my fans'll be demanding what I did with the real me.)

The meme is titled - "Five Songs To Be Played At My Funeral."

I'd kicked this around in my skull a bit - but dead is dead, and I'd prefer to be cremated. Far be it from me to deny my relatives a rite of passage/closure, though. A way of saying good-bye to those lost in the passages of time.

So, here goes:

1. By Dun Ringhill, by Jethro Tull

What can I say? This song, short as it is, speaks to me. I can't but weep at the stirrings it evokes deep inside.

2. It's A Beautiful Day - U2
Well, there goes my curmudgeon status - hey, I can't be perpetually pissed off.

3. Shock The Monkey - Peter Gabriel
The title says it all.

4. Free Will - Rush

5. For my final offering, I've chosen this mostly out of mischievousness (in case someone INSISTS on a church service), 'Hymn to Pan'. If that's a tad much, I'd like this read, just to tick off any holy-rollers in the crowd. (Visualize Muttley's asthmatic laughter, if you can.)

I hereby curse (errr, ummm, I mean tag)
Mojoey at Deep Thoughts, Hermant aka the Friendly Atheist, the prettiest blogger around, Too Many Tribbles, the Hairless Monkey at manicmythos, and someone who I don't talk to often enough, Cassandra at the Atheist Mama.

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Mojoey said...

It's going to be a one of those years! I like your choices by the way. This will take some work.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Hey, Mojoey, how's it hangin'?
Feel free to co-opt 1 if you like. I'm the sharing sort.
I actually fiddled about w/maybe a Billy Idol tune or 2 (I love his music, don't care what anyone says), but while I dig the song 'Heroin' (never touched it, never will), I thought that might be a wee bit out there. I can hear all the mourners whispering 'Did he do heroin? Why'd he ask that song be played'.
& truth is, my family's not among the best & brightest.
But the idea of spittin' at religion from beyond the grave is ironically funny, sorta.

ted said...

Excellent selection KA. BAd luck about that resolution though...

beepbeepitsme said...

I think the hymn to Pan should just about do them in. lol

Great choices. Just to let you know, the U2 video has been removed.

I did a test about which song best expresses you or something like that, and the answer for me was "Beautiful Day - by U2.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

KA, go check out Mad Zionists last post and the comments.

Mentally ill Fundy Jews really get under my skin.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Ted - of course the NYR was a joke. I didn't make any this year, other than to be the best person I can be.

Great choices. Just to let you know, the U2 video has been removed.
I'd heard in the news about youtube removing 30,000 videos. Damn that sucks.
Yeah, I took that same test, I bet. That's what I got too.
The 'hymn to Pan' suits my semi-puckish sense o' humor.

Krystalline Apostate said...

BEAJ - yeah, so you're indulging in your favorite sport - wrestling w/fundie fucktards.
Problem is, w/numb nuts like those, all you have to do is admit you're an atheist, & BOOM! Automatic bad guy.
Loved that 1 ass monkey who accused you of being pro-palistinean.
It'd be nice if braindeath weren't so contagious.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Thanks for the tip, BBIM. Found another 1.

toomanytribbles said...