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Saturday, November 27, 2010

More On The Madness Of Muslim: Nation Of Islam(e)

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Tolerate_Suicide_Bomb-Islam"The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of a giant Mother Plane that is made like the universe, spheres within spheres. White people call them unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ezekiel, in the Old Testament, saw a wheel that looked like a cloud by day but a pillar of fire by night. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that that wheel was built on the island of Nippon, which is now called Japan, by some of the Original scientists. It took $15 billion in gold at that time to build it. It is made of the toughest steel. America does not yet know the composition of the steel used to make an instrument like it. It is a circular plane, and the Bible says that it never makes turns. Because of its circular nature it can stop and travel in all directions at speeds of thousands of miles per hour. He said there are 1,500 small wheels in this Mother Wheel, which is a half mile by a half mile [800 m by 800 m]. This Mother Wheel is like a small human-built planet. Each one of these small planes carry three bombs.

"The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said these planes were used to set up mountains on the earth. The Qur'an says it like this: We have raised mountains on the earth lest it convulse with you. How do you raise a mountain, and what is the purpose of a mountain? Have you ever tried to balance a tire? You use weights to keep the tire balanced. That's how the earth is balanced, with mountain ranges. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that we have a type of bomb that, when it strikes the earth a drill on it is timed to go into the earth and explode at the height that you wish the mountain to be. If you wish to take the mountain up a mile [1.6 km], you time the drill to go a mile in and then explode. The bombs these planes have are timed to go one mile down and bring up a mountain one mile high, but it will destroy everything within a 50-square-mile [130 km²] radius. The white man writes in his above top secret memos of the UFOs. He sees them around his military installations like they are spying.

"That Mother Wheel is a dreadful-looking thing. White folks are making movies now to make these planes look like fiction, but it is based on something real. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Mother Plane is so powerful that with sound reverberating in the atmosphere, just with a sound, she can crumble buildings."

—Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Divine Destruction of America: Can She Avert It?

The “Honorable Elijah Muhammad” was obviously…what’s the phrase? Porch light is on, but it’s flickering? A few bricks shy of a load? Crazy as a shithouse rat? Check all that apply, and tack on a few.

I’d thought that old Louie Farrakhan has some serious mental issues as well:

The Nation of Islam teaches that Black people were the original humans. Louis Farrakhan has stated that "White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet." However, Farrakhan further expounded by saying, "If you look at the human family — now, I'm talking about black, brown, red, yellow and white — we all seem to be frozen on a subhuman level of existence. In Islam and, I believe, in Christian theology and Jewish theology as well, there are three stages of human development. The first stage is called the animalistic stage of development. But when we submit to animal passions, then we can do evil things to one another in that animalistic stage of development. But when moral consciousness comes and we have a self-accusing spirit, it is then that we become human beings. Right now, we have the potential for humanity, but we have not reached that potential, because we are functioning on the animalistic plane of existence."

I’d say that he’s an idiot, but then I’d be accused of being a racist – the old double standard is alive and well.

And for a few more dizzying trips into psychedelic racism:

"The Blackman is the original man. From him came all brown, yellow, red, and white people. By using a special method of birth control law, the Blackman was able to produce the white race. This method of birth control was developed by a Black scientist known as Yakub, who envisioned making and teaching a nation of people who would be diametrically opposed to the Original People. A Race of people who would one day rule the original people and the earth for a period of 6,000 years. Yakub promised his followers that he would graft a nation from his own people, and he would teach them how to rule his people, through a system of tricks and lies whereby they use deceit to divide and conquer, and break the unity of the darker people, put one brother against another, and then act as mediators and rule both sides." -Elijah Muhammad.

And, like all good Muslims, they detest the Jews:

The charges are based on statements such as the following by Farrakhan:

"German Jews financed Hitler right here in America...International bankers financed Hitler and poor Jews died while big Jews were at the root of what you call the Holocaust...Little Jews died while big Jews made money. Little Jews [were] being turned into soap while big Jews washed themselves with it. Jews [were] playing violin, Jews [were] playing music, while other Jews [were] marching into the gas chambers...."

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) alleges that NOI Health Minister, Abdul Alim Muhammad, has accused Jewish doctors of injecting Blacks with the AIDS virus, an allegation that Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad has denied.

The Nation of Islam has repeatedly denied charges of anti-Semitism, and NOI leader Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated, "The ADL .. uses the term 'anti-Semitism' to stifle all criticism of Zionism and the Zionist policies of the State of Israel and also to stifle all legitimate criticism of the errant behavior of some Jewish people toward the non-Jewish population of the earth."

Responding to the widely reported assertion that he referred to Judaism as a dirty and "gutter religion", Farrakhan wrote a June 18, 1997 letter to a former Wall Street Journal associate editor, Jude Wanniski, stating in part:

"Over the centuries, the evils of Christians, Jews and Muslims have dirtied their respective religions. True Faith in the laws and Teaching of Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad is not dirty, but, practices in the name of these religions can be unclean and can cause people to look upon the misrepresented religion as being unclean."


The Nation of Islam has had friendly relations with the Neturei Karta, a small, controversial Jewish group that is well-known for its association with and support for anti-Zionists.

Ah-ha! Of course they’re the only True Believers™! Sieg Heil Allah…er, I mean haloo snackbar…oh wait, sorry, I get my supremacist bullshit mixed up sometimes.

Because obviously that’s what they are. It isn’t ‘reverse racism’ – it’s racism, pure and simple. Using a skin color to cover it up (regardless of what that skin color is) is as abominable as using any kind of religion to accommodate the crazy. Because that’s all that any religion is – a means to cover the crazy. An excuse to do as they please, as long as they explain it in the correct (read: their skewed perspective) context.

The fact that Judaism is a bunch of horseshit renders the other two completely null and void. Return to sender, marked address unknown, as Elvis put it once.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Funny– Spot The Nutcase!

A cartoon that says it all:



Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Times, They Are A-Changin’–Gay Folks On The Tube

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This is something that has been happening gradually – but it does my heart good to see it.

Earlier than 1979, there were ‘hot topics’ that were considered unsuitable for the average viewer. Things like racism, interracial marriage, abortion homosexuality, these were verboten. That is, until Norman Lear actually produced a show called All In The Family, that dared to touch on these polarizing subjects. True enough, there were shows prior to that, but AITF was really the ground-breaker for many people, due to the harsh contrast of Archie Bunker and his ‘lovable’ xenophobic tendencies, as well as its prime-time slot.

And, 31 years later, I’m happy to say, there’s an ample supply of television shows that treat it as if it is an actual part of the culture, instead of some back-alley filthy unnatural occurrence.

Now we are for the most part readers. But (and it’s sad to say), the Glass Teat (as Harlan Ellison likes to phrase it) is a somewhat accurate barometer of how folks think these days.

And while my esteemed colleague Mr. Garton has stated (accurately, I might add) that Gay Is The New Witch, there is hope. Yes, even the gag-inducing items like ‘Reality Shows’ (which violate the Observer-expectancy effect most outrageously), there are numerous LGBT shows even among the dregs. What does this mean, exactly? It likely means less gay bashers, less gay suicides, and yes, less credence in that quirky religious crap that was programmed into us from early on.

Anecdotally: in my twenties, I was always and steadily uncomfortable with the gay lifestyle. This is not to say I was violently revolted by it – I fended off those advances quite politely, never driven to the extremes of other people who were obviously xenophobically enraged (or terribly insecure about their sexuality). But I can say (shamefacedly) that I walked out on the film Cruising (or was it Making Love? I keep getting flashed of Harry Hamlin from that memory) because of my discomfort with it. Before the film even got to the sweaty parts.

Now, some decades later (and a LOT more education and insight under my belt), I don’t even blink an eye. Strangely though, among that list I linked to, one of my all time favorites, Torchwood, isn’t listed among them. What I enjoyed most, was the fact that the characters would sleep with people they were attracted to. There wasn’t any angst, and the only time there were moral struggles was when Gwen had a boyfriend AND was fooling around with Owen…but I digress.

And it is this gradual acceptance in our culture that is going to render stone-age groups like the AFA (who threaten to boycott harmless institutions like Home Depot), suggest stupidities like ‘have less gay students’, and even holler about ‘outlawing homosexual behavior’) thoroughly impotent.

There are better days a-comin’ – but it’s a long road, and it’ll take time.

So keep fighting the good fight. Because, let’s face it, there are no secular arguments against gay marriage, or even against homosexuality. It’s all a Christian legacy, and we’re better off rid of these foolish, dangerous anachronisms.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Funny - Angry Turtles.

This cartoon really does say it all. Courtesy of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Madness That Men Call Muslim…


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The recent news (this did occur last year) is that someone had the audacity to talk smack about Muhammad (peanut butter and jelly be upon His name) in Pakistan, and the predictable result: a death sentence this year:

A Christian woman has been sentenced to  death for blasphemy in Pakistan, two police officials told CNN Thursday.

Asia Bibi was convicted of insulting Islam's prophet, Mohammed, while  working in a field with several Muslim women in a village southwest of Lahore.

She told them the Quran was "fake" and made comments about one of  Mohammed's wives and about his health in his final days, the police complaint  against her said.

She said that "the Quran is fake and your prophet remained in bed for one  month before his death because he had worms in his ears and mouth. He married  Khadija just for money and after looting her kicked her out of the house," local police official Muhammad Ilyas told CNN.

The true measure of any system is measured in how it takes criticism of any kind, along with how women and children are treated. And of course, Pakistan, a country built specifically for Muslims, is a prime example that accomodationists should use as a yardstick.

For one thing, it doles out a death penalty for anyone speaking out against Islam or Muhammad (PB&J be upon him):

Several sections of Pakistan's Criminal Code comprise its blasphemy laws.[4] § 295 forbids damaging or defiling a place of worship or a sacred object. § 295-A forbids outraging religious feelings. § 295-B forbids defiling the Quran. § 295-C forbids defaming Muhammad. Except for § 295-C, the provisions of § 295 require that an offence be a consequence of the accused's intent. Defiling the Quran merits imprisonment for life. Defaming Muhammad merits death with or without a fine. (See below Sharia.) If a charge is laid under § 295-C, the trial must take place in a Court of Session with a Muslim judge presiding.[5]

§ 298 states:

Whoever, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person or makes any gesture in the sight of that person or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

§ 298-A prohibits the use of any derogatory remark or representation in respect of Muslim holy personages. § 298-B and § 298-C prohibit the Ahmadiyya from behaving as Muslims behave, calling themselves Muslims, proselytizing, or "in any manner whatsoever" outraging the religious feelings of Muslims. Violation of any part of § 298 makes the violator liable to imprisonment for up to three years and liable also to a fine.

Charming. For another, ‘honor’ killings are highly valued:

An honor killing or honour killing (also called a customary killing) is the murder of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators (and potentially the wider community) that the victim has brought dishonour upon the family or community.

The perceived dishonor is normally the result of one of the following behaviors, or the suspicion of such behaviors: (a) dressing in a manner unacceptable to the family or community, (b) wanting to terminate or prevent an arranged marriage or desiring to marry by own choice, (c) engaging in heterosexual sexual acts outside marriage, or even due to a non-sexual relationship perceived as inappropriate, and (d) engaging in homosexual acts.

And the UN wants us to kiss these people’s asses? Fuck that, I say. If honor killings aren’t enough to dissuade the pikers, there’s a horrendous practice called honor suicides:

Sometimes people will commit suicide if they see themselves as having dishonored their families. Over 80 Iraqi women in Diyala province chose to become suicide bombers to escape the shame of having been raped. In fact their rapes had been planned in advance by 51-year-old Iraqi woman Samira Jassim, who confessed to Iraqi police that she organized their rapes so she could later persuade each of them to become a suicide bomber to escape their shame

The 18-year old unwed Ayat al-Akhras, the suicide bomber of a Jerusalem supermarket on 29 Mar 2002, was pregnant according to Israeli police report.

And of course, childish hijinks, real or imagined, aren’t tolerated whatsoever:

For almost 30 years Ahmadi Muslims have been continually stripped of their basic human rights under Pakistan's Blasphemy laws. Now four children and one adult are wrongly facing the death penalty or life imprisonment for crimes they did not commit.

These children have been falsely charged under Section 295-C of the Blasphemy law after fundamentalists in District Layyah pressured police to raid their homes.

And the Taliban have been taking matters into their own hands again:

Taliban extremists killed over 50 worshipers at two Mosques belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community during Friday prayer services. Early reports indicate several hundred hostages.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has faced intense governmental and extremist persecution in Pakistan for nearly 40 years.

The Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is taking credit for the attacks. Terrorists attacked Bait ul Noor Mosque and Darul Zikr Mosque with automatic weapons and hand grenades while thousands of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community were offering their Friday prayer services. Each had over 1,500 worshipers present.

Yet somehow the excuse always seems to be, “This doesn’t count. We’re not really like that. Those people are perverting the Holy Word of [insert name of bloodthirsty deity here].” It isn’t just Islam. All religion is the enemy. It turns brother against brother, it destroys lives and families, it isolates the dissenters, it doles out excuses for atrocities like faitheists dole out pamphlets. It rapes cultures, people, children.

Or rather, it gives people the excuses to do as they please, and rationalize it.  It is the umbrella to hide under, the get-out-of-jail-free card, the sanctimonious absolution of atrocity.

Religion. Nothing becomes our lives more than ridding ourselves of the supernatural.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday Funny–Kung Pao, Enter The Fist

Being a Wushu aficionado and having grown up watching Kung Fu (not the Legend Continues, that show was rank), I love the parody/spoof genre on these movies. So….Enter The Fist!



Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sing The Body Politic–In This Case, It’s A Hymn To Idiocy…


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Creationists make it sound as though a "theory" is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night – Isaac Asimov

For those of you who become irritated with blithering stupidity, here’s a real gem from that ranting radical republican, Glen Beck:

How many people believe in evolution in this country? I'd like to see. I mean, I don't know why it's unreasonable to say this.

Because, I dunno, reality isn’t subject to a consensus vote?

I'm not God so I don't know how God creates.

What this crazed loon doesn’t know could fill the shelves of the Smithsonian library. Oh, wait…there’s nobody up there anyways.

I don't think we came from monkeys.

The DNA evidence is in, and 98% are pretty damn good odds…

I think that's ridiculous.

The other evidence is in, Glenny boy, and it distinctly points to one thing: you don’t think. You parrot the party line and insert some shock-jock tactics for ratings.

I haven't seen a half-monkey, half-person yet.

Nor will he ever see one. Of course, having fallen off a turnip truck (on his head no less) is no help.

Did evolution just stop? Did we all of sudden -- there's no other species that's developing into half-human?

Here Beck just demonstrates the misconception of evolution, a ‘throwback’ to the 1950’s, if you like. Back then, it was conceived that evolution followed a straight line, and it appeared that it had a purpose: us. This is the 21st century, and anyone who can read doesn’t really have that excuse anymore.

It's like global warming.

Another reality.

So I don't know why it is so problematic for people to just so, I don't know how God creates.

Ill-defined fairy tales don’t define the real world, Glen.

I don't know how we got here. If I get to the other side and God's like, "You know what, you were a monkey once," I'll be shocked, but I'll be like, "Whatever."

And talking like a Valley Girl is unbecoming. Also, obnoxious.

They have to make you care.

Sad but true, number 2.

They have to force it down your throat.

Cranky children need their medicine.

When anybody has to force it, that's a problem.

I agree with that. However, the real world is cruel and cold, and it’ll force itself on you soon enough.

You didn't have to force that the world is round.

It comes as no shock that history, as well as biology, isn’t Beck’s strong point. As shown by the next appallingly ignorant statement:

Truth is truth. You don't have to force the truth.

Oh, no, because we didn’t have to fight a war over slavery, or that the Jews shouldn’t be slaughtered en masse, or argue that blacks and women deserved to vote equally with white males, or that human beings are equally deserving of proper ethical treatment…did we? Oh yes we did. It took a great many people to take arms against a sea of sorrows, to force the tides to recede.

Evolution isn’t a screed, a creed, a ‘belief system’, a ‘theory’ (see Asimov’s quote from above), or some ‘radical atheist/gay agenda’. It’s simply a cataloguing of observations and deductions made from induction. It’s fact, reality, the backbone of biology and more. 

At this point, we the people of the United States of America need, are rational individuals who are also somewhat entertaining, without pandering to the lowest common denominator. Instead, we are besieged with simpletons who prance an epileptic dance on stage center, ranting whatever nonsense their ‘constituency’ wants to hear, and pontificating on topics with absolutely no research other than imaginary raconteuring.

It’s a sad state of affairs. We should toss the ‘all opinions are equal’ modality right out with the bathwater, and start holding our pundits and journos to a higher standard, and those that fall short, should have their feet held to the fire. Pedantry is a dying art, and fact-checking is swiftly going the way of the dodo bird.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Funny–Sterling Archer

Sterling Archer is perhaps the best (animated) spoof of the suave and debonair spy movie genre I’ve ever seen. It’s been compared to being “James Bond meets Arrested Development.”