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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday Funny–Kung Pao, Enter The Fist

Being a Wushu aficionado and having grown up watching Kung Fu (not the Legend Continues, that show was rank), I love the parody/spoof genre on these movies. So….Enter The Fist!


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Hermes said...

Technical note;

The video links you post, this one included, have some layer for a specific media player and driver (from the page source, it looks like Windows Media Player plus a reference to a CAB file for some extension to WMP).

Because of that, these videos are not universally viewable -- including on cell phones that support flash -- and may even stop working if the person uses a different version of WMP than the one you currently have.

Since you posted a YouTube flash video, you might want to use YouTube's flash link code instead and anyone who has flash should be able to see it. That link can be found by going to the YouTube video page and clicking on the button "embed" below the video.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Hermes. I had wondered about that.
I use Windows Live Writer, but since the latest update, I've had a terrible time w/embedding a youtube video into my posts. Seems the 'insert video' extension/add-on stopped working, & I went w/the other option. I'd wondered if anyone was having trouble w/it.
I'll try to fix it now.