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Friday, April 10, 2009

They Were Warned – Regardless, Someone’s Getting Nailed In The Philippines

So back in March, health authorities warned folks not to do this craziness.

So does that stop them? Nooooo….

Manila - More than a dozen men were expected to be nailed to wooden crosses in a northern Philippine city Friday while others whipped their backs bloody in an annual re-enactment of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

Yes, because their cult tells them they’re worthless unless they do a certain thing…

   Tens of thousands of devotees and tourists flocked to San Fernando City in Pampanga province, 75 kilometers north of Manila, to witness the highlight of Easter celebrations in the predominantly Catholic Philippines.

Ah yes, didn’t Caesar say something about bread and circuses? It was more of a freak bally.

   The crucifixions were being held in three villages in San Fernando City, with the main event taking place in San Pedro Cutud village, where about a dozen men signed up for the crucifixion.

   Another eight signed up in Santa Lucia village and four in nearby San Juan village.

Religion sure does bring out the best in folks, don’t it?

   Dozens of hooded men walked shirtless and barefoot in streets in many parts of the country, hitting their backs with bamboo sticks attached to ropes or whips fitted with broken glass as penance for sins, offerings for wishes or a sign of thanksgiving.

Ay, caramba! And we’re supposed to respect this sort of insanity? Are you kidding me? A cult based on self-mutilation and self-loathing?

These wankers are as crazy as the Scientologists and Mor(m)onologists.

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Danny Boy, FCD said...

I admit, I got nailed in the Philippines yesterday... wait, you mean on a cross? Sorry, my mistake.

Krystalline Apostate said...

LMAO! Good 1, Danny!