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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Straight To Hell – That’s What This Movie Feels Like

Just finished watching Straight To Hell, and wow, the money used to finance this fiasco would’ve been better put to use feeding orphans.

The blurb reads:

After muffing a job for their boss, three ham-fisted hit men (Sy Richardson, Dick Rude and Joe Strummer) rob a bank and flee to a dusty desert hamlet with their gal pal (Courtney Love) in tow. But instead of finding refuge, they find a town run by a gang of coffee junkies who don't take kindly to the quartet's arrival. Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones are among the celebrities who turn up in director Alex Cox's bizarre spoof of spaghetti Westerns.

It’s supposed to be a spaghetti Western spoof, but it’s chock full of ham-handed cultural references that fall flat on their asses. From Pulp Fiction (the main honcho/bank robber is a near-Jackson lookalike who always wears a tie, even in a dusty crap town) to Dusk Till Dawn, to a vague reference to Dawn of the Dead. My main question is, was Courtney Love attractive while Cobain was alive? Because as the pregnant gal-pal, she’s just a whiny skank with a bun in the oven. I got maybe two minor chuckles out of an hour and a half, and since I’m the sort of fellow who laughs at EVERYTHING, that’s pretty sad. The Pogues are actually in this, and the accompanying clip makes it look like it’s way cooler than it is.

So my advice is – avoid this at all costs. Better off reading a book. Two middle fingers WAY up.

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plissken2013 said...

Are you kidding? That movie is from 1987? How could have Alex Cox stolen things from the overrated Pulp fiction (from the overrated Quentin "I don't steal scenes I pay tributes to movies" Tarantino), a movie that would be out SEVEN YEARS LATER????

Krystalline Apostate said...

Well, I guess I stand corrected.