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Thursday, April 09, 2009

One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare A…Hold On A Second, Do I Have Better Things To Do?

Well, it looks like I ticked someone off royally.

We had a bit of a set-to at GiFs, and when he began to insinuate that maybe my fondness for Batman was bordering on religious idolatry, I laid into him. A little hard, I might add. He began making some pretty wild accusations, and off we went.

Right about now, I think I’ll have to get a picture of Batman and take a picture of me urinating on it to prove to this guy that I don’t ‘idolize’ some fictional comic book figure.

I mean, really, are you fucking kidding me? It’s a comic book, for crying out loud. I mean maybe it’s a little too much of a fun hobby for me, but I don’t quote from the Gospels Of Marvel, or the Decanter of DC (well, maybe a little Alan Moore, but he’s such a great writer. Neil Gaiman, for that matter as well).

It’s just stupid, is what it is. Two incredibly self absorbed egos (I’m including myself here) bashing away at each other. I was feeling a little bad about this morning, until this cat started accusing me on his own blog of being duplicitous, two-faced, homophobic, all sorts of rubbish. There went that apology, right down the toilet.

The fact is, I think blog wars are a facetious waste of time. These things really are about thin-skinned people letting their subconscious run amok over some minor slight, imagined or real. Besides, there are so MANY other useful things I could be doing rather than whining about how my feelings got hurt. Like, I dunno, finding another job, writing another novel, or just getting my life in order.

So, Old Git. Your feelings are more important than some fictional whack job who dresses up like a flying rat. So I’m extending an olive branch here. Sorry, man, but I’ve been accused of ‘being religious’ by the religious so often that I have a built-in bash factor. My bad.

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Stardust said...

KA, that was very good of you to post an apology, but I wouldn't look for one in return. The old guy seems very bitter about many things in life and I suspect he rather enjoys the feuding even with friends as he has a way of attacking others who have been our regulars for years. There are ways of disagreeing, as I did with our friend, Christopher that is done with tact and respect. I think you were not wrong in feeling attacked. And the instincts when one is attacked is to lash back.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Thx, Stardust. His post was incredibly mean-spirited, & I posted something I kinda regret now.
It's just incredible that we fought over whether I 'idolize' a comic book character. In the past, if I make a mistake, others are quick (& pedantic) enough to point it out. I happen to know WAY too much about comics, apparently.
Anyways, I made the effort. People are more important than some squabble.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Oh, holy shit, you're right. I just went over there, & I'm tempted to call a lawyer!

Stardust said...

KA, I know you aren't the monster that Lynda and the old guy are making you out to be. It was a verbal defense on your part after feeling attacked. I am amazed that Lynda is singing his praises to him over at his site...little does she know. But I can't really go around digging up old history. That's not really cool either. Oh well, he can fool a couple of people, but we KNOW why he calls himself the "Merchant of Menace"