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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because Gawd Wuvs You THIS Much….

If you can’t read the ‘writing on the wall’ after this, then I’ll have to say, you’re very much blind:

Owners call on faith after Christian center fire

ALTON BAY, N.H. – Owners of summer cottages in a tight-knit Christian community gathered to console each other Monday after a massive fire roared through the property on Easter Sunday, destroying dozens of buildings that brought families together for generations.

"It's dust. You don't see timber. You see dust," said Patrick Knittel of Concord. All that remained of his family's cottage was a chimney and a stone stairway leading to a mound of ashes.

Knittel and others who owned the 40 cottages that were destroyed or heavily damaged at the 146-year-old Alton Bay Christian Conference Center gathered as fire investigators tried to figure out what sparked the flames that raced through the community, claiming building after building.

"It was like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," said Cynthia Bohy, 70, who lives nearby and watched the flames after attending church at the center earlier in the day. Some of the blasts were from propane tanks. Others, she said, seemed to be cottages just exploding into flames. "It was like explosions every two minutes."

Completely natural event. But get this little caveat:

Russ Sample, 55, of Alton, who has spent every summer of his life at the center, said individual families own the cottages, but the center owns the land.

"They are all born-again Christian families," he said.

The center's Web site says its purpose is to change lives in part by "encouraging commitment to Jesus."

Yes, because we know that parents who go around setting fire to their children's homes are quite normal in the head, don’t we? (Oh, wait, there’s that special pleading thing again: the supernatural doesn’t count, somehow the standards are different.)

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