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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Those who know, will blink, & say “Whaaaa?” Those who don’t, might say, “Alright!”

Clear the air time:
I have made some minor corrections in my stance (as any REASONABLE human being would do), but in no way am I going to hold a large group of people (read: Muslims) accountable for the actions of a few.

I am, of course, referring to the ongoing issues in re: the cartoon debacle in Europe, specifically Denmark. Since everybody in the blogosphere is STILL going on and on about this, I’m going to weigh in yet again on this matter.

Now, I’ve been reading some posts, some which propose reasonable measures, others that go a LITTLE overboard, and some that are by far beyond the pale.

So to those of you who advocate the mushroom cloud, who wouldn’t blink an eye that innocent men, women, and children come apart at the seams like leaves in a tornado, who have no qualms about turning desert land into sheets of glass, do me this one little favor: get up, walk to your nearest mirror, look yourself dead in the eye, and say this one word; “Sociopath.”

There. Feel better now? Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery.

To those who say, “See? The govt. is right! We’re vindicated in force-feeding democracy to them!” follow the above formula; only substitute the word “puppet.”

If anyone’s offended by this, well TS, baby. THAT’S freedom of speech.

What freedom of speech is NOT:

  1. The ability to say anything you damn well please, and

  2. The ability to yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater, or incite to riot.
In other words, if your words have the effect of getting people hurt, or killed, you are most definitely responsible.
Example: I convince you that so-and-so is an utter psycho, I go OUT OF MY WAY to scare the everliving bejesus out of you, knowing you’re armed, and you turn around, and shoot so-and-so the second he/she comes waltzing out of the diner’s loo, am I responsible?

Damn tootin’.

Now, let’s lay out some real FACTS, troops.

Those bedamned cartoons were published 3 times. Yep. Correct-a-mundo. Twice by the SAME newspaper (once in September). Once in October, during Ramadan, in Egypt no less. Third time’s a charm . Not to mention the SAME newspaper refused to run some anti-Christian cartoons three years prior, so as not to offend anyone.

Repeat after me: double standards are a bitch.

I got into it recently on Sandmonkey’s blog with a fellow, who did indeed inform me of some facts.
KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is apparently (anyone quibbling over the use of the word ‘apparently’ will be DELETED, no questions asked, BTW) exporting Wahabbi extremists over to the US, etc.

So I’m all for restricting emigration from the KSA. Which will be most difficult, as they are our ‘allies’ of sorts, and our Commander-in-thief has been seen holding hands with the ambassador of that country (and no, it means little or nothing, except that in most middle- and far eastern countries, friends of the same sex can do so, and it means absolutely NOTHING, except that they are very close, so deep-six the “oh ho ho!” and witless remarks).

Said fellow, after assuring me that the ‘war on terror’ was going well due to ‘eternal vigilance’; he also informs me that emigration has DOUBLED from the KSA, post 9/11. Which, pardon me, seems quite contradictory in the extreme. So I laid into him. It got, well, rather heated.

Read it here.

Apparently, this fellow agreed with someone I had a tussle with at the NGB, but obviously took in only a glimpse of the bigger picture (which, if you read the entire discussion, I finally got him to qualify a statement, asking the question twice, no less, that ran completely contrary to the other cat’s declaration).

All squabbling aside.

Both sides of the debacle are ASSHOLES. The Danish newspaper, for refusing to apologize, despite the obvious ramifications that are occurring. The Muslim side, for behaving in a wholly uncivilized and reprehensible manner.

The riots should NOT have happened. But again, said newspaper had to publish them twice in order to get some sort of response.

Then we have Condo Rice, claiming that ‘Syria and Iran’ were behind the fracas (and wow! Ain’t that fortuitous? How utterly convenient! ).

Should we roll over, with the words “WELCOME!” etched on our backs?
Hell no.
Should we bomb them into submission, because we’re scared out of our skulls?
Let’s not be stupid, people.

We all gotta share this planet. And since our country seems to have SOME sort of relationship with the countries in the ME, the crux of ANY ongoing relationship is the ability to talk to one another.

And if the lines of communication are down?There’s always divorce court, ain’t there?

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HairlessMonkeyDK said...

As you know I'm not only a sweet-tasting piece of Danish, but I've also followed the cartoon debate..... eh, -religously-.
As I've said before, sure we've had our wild rows in Denmark,
but oddly enough the Danish muslims/moslems/howeveryouspellitinenglsh are MORE than half a world away from the fanatics.
Go forth and tweak Tommy's Wriggly Worm some more!

Krystalline Apostate said...

I've been tempted to drop by his blog, & light him up some more, but I see a man's blog as his castle (to twist the simile till it shrieks).
I see the NGB kinda like neutral turf, ya know?
Besides, he'd probably delete me anyways.
Moslem/muslim, both variants are good. Mohammedans is fine, if you want to spell it out. 18th-19th CE, the general reference was 'Turks' (a generic referant of a blanket statement, though it's supposed to mean folks from Turkey).
Flogged anything yet? (hehehehe)

Future Geek said...

I like to waste time on a forum at Ruthlessreviews.com. It is common practice there to illustrate emotions with small pictures, emoticons, that are specific to the forum.

Some of the meanings are quite esoteric - a picture of Pope Benedict can mean "embarrassed," and Andre the Giant means "sad."

For laughter, they use a picture of a black metal musician laughing.

Unfortunately I can't post any emoticons here, so:

That was funny.

And right on.

Krystalline Apostate said...

future geek:
Hey, cool. Thanks.
I usually stick to the easier things: LMAO, ROFLMAO, LOL, you know, that sort of item.
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, BTW. I'll return the favor.

say no to christ said...

MAn, I need to start my own blog, but I really hate to write and it looks like there is a lot of writing to it.

Anyway, the careless attitudes about war and violence really get my blood boiling! The nuke em shit just gets me all emotional cuz war effects my hole families lives. My husband is a Major in the Marines and has been to Iraq twice and no doubt will go again before he retires in 6 years. So, when people go on and on about how humans will always be war minded and violent, when I know that, that just isnt true, I get frustrated. History shows that humans havent always and are not all war minded and violent. Psychohistorians and nueropsychologist(sp?) have discovered many causes to violence and war and it can be changed!


Krystalline Apostate said...

Hey, I'm w/you on that.
Unfortunately, there are those men who are useless in peace, but very proficient in war.
Apparently, there is no dearth of those.