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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Here is an old saw.
You’ve used it many times, for many purposes. It has helped you build your temples. It has helped you build the gallows. It has helped you build bridges as well. You’ve used it as a measuring stick, a musical instrument, an instrument of torture, a mirror to look in (when it’s patina was still shiny), a wedge to drive between brothers.
It is a tool. It is a tool that’s cut down the trees to make books, many, many books about the truth, as you see it. It is a tool that has been at your side since the very beginning: you know it on sight; your grip on it is a familiar one. Blindfolded, you’d know the heft, the feel of it from any other. Your heart sang as its teeth ripped the bark, or the flesh, the simple one-two beat of the chord its steely length ululates.

But it has grown worn with use. Its teeth are dull, rust pits the metal hide: too much liquid has spattered across the glossy sheen, and its days are numbered to be fewer with use.

It is time to find a new tool, a less damaging one.

But it’s a good saw, you say. It’s helped me build; it’s helped me destroy. It is like a brother to me. I know the sound of its teeth, the song of its metal heart, the feel of its grip. I don’t want to discard it. I sleep with it at night.

No, it’s old. It must be discarded. Thrown away. Sentimentality and nostalgia are for people, not for tools, not for equipment, not for abstract simile, not for philosophy, not for debate, not for religion. If it is not people, and it is worn to the very nub, throw it away.

Truth is in the beating heart, the flowing pulse, in life.

Truth is not a tool.

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vjack said...

Welcome to AtheismOnline.com. I like the idea of analyzing books from an atheist perspective and look forward to reading your blog.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Thanks. Come back soon, kick off your shoes, stay awhile, y'hear?

say no to christ said...

Ra you said "Truth is in the beating heart, the flowing pulse, in life."

Beautifully said!

And that is exactly what orgone energy is. It is the pulsating energy within us and in the atmosphere. I have been reading Wilhem Reich's book 'Ether, God and Devil'. I know you are a Jung fan and so am I, so I know you would love Reich's work as well. He breaks down natural science and psychology to its natural simplicity. It is the machanical-mystic mind that makes psychology and natural science seem so complex. He also breaks down and explains why people believe in absurd silly beliefs such as god and devil. I am ordering a couple other books by him as well, such as 'character analysis' and 'The mass psychology of fascism'. I rank his findings up there with Darwins. Darwins work was said to be discredited for many years till a small group of scientists and functional thinkers realized he was onto someting that couldnt be overlooked or laughed at any longer.

I know you are a NATURAL functioning being and there arent many of us in our society so it is important for you to know how the mystic mind works. The more of us that understand what is going on in the minds of machanical and mystic thinkers the more progress we make in improving our society and the lives of future children.

Krystalline Apostate said...

say no to christ:
Well, thank ye, dear. Yer makin' me blush, you are.
There's right brain & left brain, & I do try to keep 'em balanced. Tough juggling act sometimes.
As I have your attention, I'm somewhat in need of your services, on the 'Mystical Magical Menage a Trois', in re: the orignal goddess worship of the early Hebrews, if ye would be so kind, love.