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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Allegories Gone Wild – The Hand Writing In The Stars (Are They Sirius?)

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“We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking to the stars” – Oscar Wilde

Man is the creature who gazes upwards. We view the expansive sky with wonder as well as trepidation. When Nature flails upon us, we flinch. When the sun shines upon us, we smile. When the sun sets, small motes of light fill that grand expanse, and all of these elements combined with pareidolia inspired (or frightened) our ancestors into wild tales.

And sadly, we have not yet outgrown this as a species.

I stumbled upon the phrase ‘Astrotheology’ recently at a discussion over at Pharyngula, and dipped briefly in the well. It proves to be a drink of various divers’ woo.

From the FAQ:

Does Jordan believe in God?

(Presuppositional spoiler alert! You guess it!)

Yes, most certainly!   Jordan has always believed in the presence of God.  But he is also well-aware, through years of study, that man-made religions are the product of "The Powers That Be."   Jordan sees no problem whatsoever with the words and teachings attributed to Jesus in the Bible's New Testament.  

I heard ominous foreshadowing music at the ‘Powers That Be’™ phrase – did you?

Jordan believes that the Bible -- both Old and New Testaments -- is a profoundly important work of benefit to mankind.   This is especially true of the New Testament story of Jesus.   Jordan believes that the New Testament is a brilliantly conceived story which is in fact an encoded metaphor.   The correct understanding of the metaphor in the New Testament story have been purposely concealed by the Church throughout the ages. 

‘An encoded metaphor’? Where have we heard that term before?

In Jordan's view, the entire belief system we call Christianity, in all of its various forms and denominations (not the Bible) as it exists in the world today, is a fraud foisted on the unsuspecting peoples of the world.  Overall, the Church is a world-wide money-grubbing criminal conspiracy, owned behind the scenes by "The Powers That Be." In Jordan's view, it is time for the Christian Establishment world-wide to be seen for what it really is: an enemy of both God and factual Truth.

(Points finger to head, rotates finger, whistles)

Jordan further feels that the entire Christian church in the world today is a creation of the same "Powers That Be" who have given us the corrupt world that we live in.   It is time for the Christian Church to be exposed for the profound evil that it represents in this world.  It is also time for the encoded metaphor, hidden for years, to be brought to light for the benefit of those who recognize that there is nothing of any redeemable value in the Christian church today, and who wish to worship God "in Spirit and in Truth."   In the very near future, Jordan will be presenting the encoded metaphor for the first time here on his website.

“And for only 19.95, I’ll throw in a set of Ginsu knives!” Really, they call it a ‘messianic complex’ for a reason.

In conclusion, Jordan has the highest of respect for the Divine Presence in the universe that men have called "God," and believes that the New Testament is a profound and brilliantly-written metaphor which needs to be explained to those who are sincerely longing and searching for the truth of our existence.   Explaining for the first time the encoded metaphor in the New Testament is surely now "an idea whose time has come."  This hidden encoded story will be presented by Jordan Maxwell on this website very soon.

Because of course, in the 50-odd years of this alleged ‘research’, Maxwell didn’t stop and think that instead of saying ‘god is’, he should’ve asked the question, ‘is god’? An entirely different meaning is acquired via the juxtaposition of this question. (Of course, I don’t know offhand if he has any ‘demons’ – but that should be enough wordplay for one post.)

And of course, Maxwell’s not the only person with this crazy idea in his head – the link leads to yet another preacher who claims to have ‘an amazing message’ cloaked in allegory and dressed up in eyesore fonts and colors.

The video provided is fairly intriguing but has a few major errors in it (crucifixion predates the Romans, for one) – and as such, should not be considered a final say in the matter.

Till the next post, then.

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