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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Rare Find - The 'Varsity Blues' Portrays Religion As Exceptionally Confusing

This is my first foray into putting together some film clips on Youtube.

I found a copy of 'Varsity Blues' on DVD laying about at work. Now, I'm not a huge fan of 'coming of age' movies. I find them to be trite as a rule: I recall absolutely no one being quite as...together as the protagonist usually is (it's silly - most teenie-boppers are for the most part, not quite as capable in real life as they are in the movie). Apart from that, I'm not a football fan. In fact, not at all enchanted as most Americans are with team sports. As a rule, they put me to sleep. But, since the damn thing was free, I shrugged and thought, 'What the hell?'

It was actually not bad. It compares the foolishness of deifying sports and sports figures with the issues of real life (everybody in the small town is so enamored of high school football, that they even built a bronze statue of the coach who's won them so many state titles). Jon Voight is excellent as the heavy-handed asshole coach who cares more about winning than his players, the characters are believable, albeit set against some wild caricatures (the head quarterback actually has a billboard of himself on his own front lawn - funny, but way out in left field, Tweeter, a secondary character, will screw anything female, you know, the works).

The little brother Kyle shines, in these two clips. The first is a compilation of clips, the second is the result of Youtube's limitation on uploads (the first got truncated, I think). Kyle is a little boy who's searching for the 'one true religion'.


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