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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Armageddon! And Gerbils?

Perhaps one of the funniest urban legends yet.
After watching/listening to this, the word 'armageddon' takes on a whole new meaning.

As hysterical as this is, sadly, it's completely false, in accordance with Snopes.com:
*Origins:* Contrary to widespread public belief, Gerbil
"gerbil-stuffing" is unknown as an actual sexual practice, nor are we aware of a verified medical case of a gerbil having been extracted from a patient's rectum. Despite the assiduousness with which doctors record unusual items removed from patients' rectums in order to write them up as illustrative cases, we haven't yet found a medical journal article involving a gerbil removal. (Doctors, like most people, often repeat urban legends and stories told to them by others as first-person experiences, hence our standard for declaring this true is a peer-reviewed journal article rather than anecdote.) The notion of gerbilling (not necessarily restricted to homosexuals ? the insertion of items into the rectum for purposes of autoeroticism is practiced by heterosexuals as well) appears to be pure invention, a tale fabricated to demonstrate the depravity with which "faggots" allegedly pursue sexual pleasure. (While people do stick all sorts of unusual items up their rectums, they also do so for reasons other than sexual pleasure.)

Colonscopies and enemas being two such items I can name off the top of my head.

Anyways, from hereon out, I'll always snicker like an adolescent boy every time I hear the word, "Armageddon!" It will be henceforth an end, but not of days.


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karen said...

Poor little gerbil. :(

Funny story though.
And no, Armageddon will never bring the same graphics along with it in my mind whenever I come across the word now!

Krystalline Apostate said...

karen - luckily, it's all a load of bollocks. No gerbils were harmed in the creation of this story. ;)
I'm still snickering like Beavis.