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Monday, August 27, 2007

'A Perfect Stranger' - A Perfectly Dreadful Waste Of Time

I keep trolling the waters of religion, hoping to catch perhaps something more substantial than an old boot, or some discarded flotsam.

Teach a man to fish in an ocean of delusion, and he will learn that old shoe leather properly prepared is quite tasty.

Case in point: I had another whopper of an argument with my religious buddy (we've stayed in touch and stayed close over 30-odd years, so it's a little hard to let go, embarrassing as some of the things he says are), and it began with his mentioning this flick.

We went off on a tangent, mostly with my having to repeat specific questions to him. One such occurred in (approximately) this manner.

I told him that I had no real problem with his worldview, but that folks with his mindset tend to spread disinformation (such as evolution) about specific topics.

I heard that 'Evolution is so full of holes!' I asked him, like what? Fum-fah, flubber blubber, he didn't know. But I heard the old 'It's just a THEORY!' I very specifically pointed out that he had no idea what the word meant. I then proceeded to read the dictionary definition to him. And pointed out that gravity is a theory also. He directly challenged the definition I'd read to him! "What's the source!?!? Huh?" I told him the same thing I told a conspiracy theorist at work (who I read a definition to, of another word, 'fascism': he, too, didn't like the definition he heard). I told them both the same thing: "It's the standard definition. This is what it means. I don't know what to tell you. This is the agreed upon definition."

He got quite upset at the idea that his fellow Christians were disseminating disinformation. "We don't talk about this, it doesn't come up in conversation." I had to ask, several times in fact, where he'd specifically heard the 'itsonlyatheory' crapola. "Oh, I don't know, probably from a pastor in church" (at which juncture, he began attacking my honesty - diversionary tactic).

(To my long-time buddy's credit, he conceded the 'gravity' theory point was a good one. He also called back the next day, and apologized for his behavior.)

Anyways, back to the point. I decided to rent The Perfect Stranger - it came nicely recommended.

Not impressed. Actually, it was pure dreck.

It varied (apparently) from the novel: the book features a man, the film's hero(ine) is an unsatisfied, harried modern working woman, apparently our 'representative' for skepticism. (I'd have preferred Richard Dawkins, but hey, it's a biased sample, too much to ask).

So she asks her husband (an overworked VP at a corporation) for a night out, as their daughter is on a sleep-over. He declines (too many hours).

She receives an invite to dinner from the big J himself. Thinking it a joke, she shows up. She's shown to a table where a stranger sits.

She considers bailing, but sticks it out. The fellow is, well, likable and down-to-earth, despite the extravagant claim of being Jebus hisself.

They discuss a wide range of topics in what are little better than fluffy soundbites.

I don't recall what came first, but the question came up: "What about evolution?" The answer? "Oh, they just don't like the 'made in his image part'. Another question was, "What about Hinduism?" He answers, "Remember that class you took? What did they say about the universe? The universe is eternal. We know better now."

Eye-crossing. Especially since the Old Testament pronounced the world flat. Some idiots claim it's only 6,000 years old, based on the bibble.

And then she brings up the contradictions in the bible. Ole JC spouts off about some crap about how one gospel says JC healed one blind guy, another says he healed two. The point? "Not essential to the story." Say what?!? Are you kidding me? There's so much disharmony, it's hard (say, impossible) to take the thing seriously! It's not about what color sandals somebody wore, or what kind of robe! There are nineteen (count 'em, nineteen!) discrepancies, and that's just in the crucifixion story ALONE.

And having a disjointed lost 'soul' representing skepticism (we have not only two strong legs to stand upon, we have teeth as well) - it's insulting, to say the least.

I couldn't finish the rest of it. It was stupid, and insulted my intelligence on a number of levels.

Emotional pablum.

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vjack said...

Thanks for the warning. I'll stay away from Perfect Stranger.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, review doesn't mean much coming from someone who thinks "Gravity is just a Theory".

You must have wings !

I can model gravity, and tell you where it comes from!