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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Holocaust Remembrance Day

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blow the horrid deed in every eye,Holocaust Memorial Day
That tears shall drown the wind – Macbeth Act 1, scene 7

Tomorrow is the mark of a dark day in history, a horror we cannot nor should not forget. When the tides of hate were high, and obsidian were those waves. That old whore Christianity gave birth to a squalling monstrosity of xenophobic hate, the raging anti-Semitism that is her legacy of the centuries.

And down through the millennia, when never a divine hand interfered, this one strikes deep to the aware religious heart: when men persecuted and slaughtered the tribe whose chronicles their very own beliefs were built upon,  the tribe that claimed themselves the favorite race of that imaginary deity, and yet no mighty hand parted the heavens, no angels came to any rescue, no voice boomed forth from the skies, “Let my people go!”

And instead the bodies piled up like cordwood, the backs of vans were choked with exhaust and bodies, skin was used to make lampshades, and the hated folk were shat upon as if they were less than animals.

Just one more proof piled high on the mountain of evidence, that we are left to our own devices, that the universe cares not one jot nor tittle about our species, that because we have no afterlife, we should then take care of each other all the more.

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