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Saturday, April 13, 2013

YACCR–Yet Another Crazy Cracker Republican.

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ronpaulnutcakeThere are actually a lot of conservative atheists who like this grandfatherly old asshole. And to the average layman, he seems to be a regular American – shoots from the hip, apparently a wise old guy everyone should listen to.

Don’t be fooled.

Ron Paul is ‘pro-life’, a gawd-fearing fuckwad who thinks life begins at conception. And, scarily enough, he has covert ties to Dominionists.

Once you’ve had this little eye-opener, I suggest you go out and scrape that ‘Ron Paul In 2012’ bumper sticker off your car, burn that pro-Paul t-shirt you’ve been wearing, and recede into an embarrassed silence upon mention of his name.

Former Representative Ron Paul's announcement this week of the upcoming launch of his eponymous home-schooling curriculum makes clear that the end of his career as a gadfly Republican presidential candidate does not spell the end of his role at the helm of a movement aimed at transforming the way Americans think about government – and God.

The Tea Party godfather has always enjoyed a devoted following of home-schoolers, a relatively quiet segment of the Paul coalition that frequently has flown under the media's radar. After all, one-time Republican candidates better known for their hyper-competitive citation of the Bible, like Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, or Rick Santorum, make a much bigger spectacle of their support from advocates of shielding your kids from the evils of secular public school education.

While Paul's dedication to the home-schooling cause is emblematic of his widely known views of limited government, the "Ron Paul Curriculum" reveals the far-reaching nature of his religious beliefs.

Paul's advocacy of home-schooling is not just about getting kids out of what home-schoolers disparagingly call "government schools". It's not just about teaching them that government should be small and largely inconsequential. It's based on the idea that the government is largely illegitimate, and that one must create a society in which the populace will follow "moral" (that is, biblical) laws, rather than the laws created by an overzealous, tyrannical government.

When they talk about government tyranny, they're not just talking about statutes and regulations: they're talking about supreme court case law, too. Paul, for example, believes that Roe v Wade is illegitimate, and that states should be able to criminalize abortion, regardless of what the supreme court has to say.

And here’s the freakshow part:

Paul's new director of curriculum development is Gary North, the son-in-law of Christian Reconstructionism founder RJ Rushdoony. Reconstructionism is a movement based on the claim that God granted only limited "jurisdiction" to government, and that biblical law should supplant civil law in all but a handful of circumstances.

He has ties to the ‘Taxpayer Party as well, which lands him firmly in Fuckwad County US of AmeriKKKa.

So for any of you Ron Paul supporters: you’ve picked the wrong guy. Sorry.

And don’t kid yourself thinking he’s history; he’s one of those clowns who will be meddling in the muddy waters of our political process for years to come. Just be thankful he never made prez.

Till the next post, then.

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