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Saturday, January 22, 2011

More ‘Inspirational’ Stories From The ‘Religion Of Peace’…


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UK woman cuts out daughter's heart in bizarre religious ritual

LONDON: In a gruesome incident, a mother in Britain has killed her four-year-old daughter, and then cut out her heart and other vital organs as an apparent "religious offering", a media report said.
Shayna Bharuchi, a 35-year-old woman of Somali origin, was arrested after her daughter's body was found stabbed to death in the kitchen with her heart and other vital organs cut out and strewn around her flat.
The woman was allegedly chanting verses of the Quran as her daughter's disemboweled corpse lay next to her in the home in East London; she had her MP3 player on full blast as she listened to Muslim holy book.
The woman was arrested on Thursday after her partner Jerome Negney, believed to be a Muslim convert, informed the police after seeing the woman clutching a kitchen knife.

They’re horrendous, incidents like this. But it tells a stark, gripping truism: to the religious, this life only counts as collateral for their ‘afterlife’. The acts and deeds they commit in the here and now are entered on some divine ledger, to be examined and cross-examined, to see if the committer qualifies for that most unproven of all hypotheticals: a little old place named heaven, where these people imagine they will be lauded for their singular bloody-mindedness.

There is no way to tell if this Shayna was ‘inspired’ by the Koran to do this – the level of mental illness required to perform such a horrendous act very well means that she may well have been able to cobble up an excuse for anything. The religious have this ‘apologia’ thing going on – an endless litany of apologies and excuses designed to change the playing field by whinging on about how these things are isolated acts.

Jihad Watch points out another horrible ongoing event: the actual training of children being trained as suicide bombers:

Taliban actively training child suicide bombers

WASHINGTON - Pakistani terror camps are teaching children the three R's: reading, 'riting and rage.

Taliban suicide schools dotting the Af-Pak tribal belt leave no child behind in the deadly lessons.
Graduates don't go to college - they blow themselves to bits in Afghanistan to find paradise.
Since 2005, when the Haqqani Taliban introduced suicide bombings in the Afghan war, kids have become a messenger of choice.

The suicide schools aren't new, but the processes of recruiting, training and operations are detailed in a grim new report by West Point's Combating Terrorism Center.

And in Iraq:

KIRKUK, Iraq, April 21 (UPI) -- Iraqi forces arrested four children, all under 14, who are allegdly linked to al-Qaida and training to become suicide bombers, an Iraqi general said.

The children, detained near Kirkuk, were part of a cell known as the "Birds of Paradise," and were being trained to avoid detection as they carried out their attacks, The Times of London reported Tuesday.

"Special forces units have arrested an organization of children consisting of four individuals under the age of 14 who call themselves the 'Birds of Paradise'," said Gen. Abdelamir al-Zaidi, Iraqi army division commander in Kirkuk. "The group relies on children and is connected to al-Qaida. It works to recruit children and young people to carry out suicide attacks and to aid the terrorist groups in detonating roadside bombs."

Al-Qaida militants have used Iraqi children previously in attacks on U.S. and Iraqi security forces, the British newspaper said. Militants also have been accused of using mentally ill women as suicide bombers.

Other insurgent groups have used children to fire rocket-propelled grenades and detonate roadside bombs, officials said.

Using children as cannon fodder, to advance some twisted dream cobbled up by a crazy desert fairy beggar.

It’s hard to believe we’re living in the 21st century. It’s saddening, and depressing.

Till the next post, then.

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