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Friday, March 06, 2009

Crack Whores And Disney Stores - Is Underdog Anywhere To Be Found?

Now that I've caught your attention...

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love living in Mountain View? Not only does El Camino Real border it (an incredibly long street that if you drive it, you can taste any sort of extreme extravagance, from crack whores to Disney stores, not that I do either), but it's just such a nice, NICE town. People are friendly (they'll chat you up out of the blue) the homeless out here are a paygrade above the east bay homeless (cleaner and better mannered), the crime is all but non-existent (to illustrate my point: lately I've been forgetting to lock my car. In Hayward, this would've resulted in either A. someone sleeping in it, or B. disappearance of car) outside of the occasional listing on Craigslist for a prostitute.

So imagine my surprise, that Mountain View has its own superhero.

Yeah, you heard right. He calls himself The Eye. He's about my age, demographic, etc. No, it ain't me - funny as it is, as goofy and jolly as I am, I at least have limits. I'm fairly sure it's a joke. Because if it ain't, then wow, a constant struggle with reality.

If you're in the mood for oddness, here are 10 people with extraordinary abilities, but are unlikely to show up in the upcoming movie The Watchmen.

ADDENDUM - before you think that Mountain View is a utopia, I have two glaring faults that I'll share right up front:
1. All the public parks that have gazebos, ALL of these gazebos are open-air. In other words, if it rains, you duck inside one of those gazebos, you're still gonna get wet. WTF?
2. There is a Scientology center on Castro Street, and a Scientology Church right down the street from me (both of which I intend to desecrate in the very near future).

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