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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blasphemy, The Movie - A Review.

This is a rare treat: an actual movie about atheism that makes the effort to see the worldview from the atheist's side.

The blurb reads:

In John Mendoza's Blasphemy, a young Hispanic man (Carlos Leon) declares to his family that he doesn't believe in God. His parents immediately disown him, and it's up to his aunt to bring him back into the fold. From here, he tries many religions and this comedy skewers every one of them.

You can safely skip that last sentence: it's a load of crap. There are actually a number of clips lampooning various religions (and some of them are fairly amusing).

I skipped to Part II on youtube, as many of you will likely bristle at the idiocies that come pouring out of the protagonist's parents' mouths. And the 'aunt' in the film is one  scary lady, the sort of fundie that has the bulk of online atheists using pseudonyms.


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Stardust said...

Thanks for this find! I hope you don't mind if I borrow it for my blog.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Sure - just send my bill to the regular address. ;)