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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bane Of Bloggery – Wandering Witless Minstrels Named ‘Anonymous’

I’ve had to shut off the mechanism that allows anonymous posters. I have come to detest these sanctimonious little turds with a bright blue flame.

On my blog, they all seem to gravitate to this post. One that’s well over 2 years old.

Among the idiotic pronouncements are:

(Latest idiocy is….)

If this person was truly an atheist there wouldn't be a need for all this personal bashing...most atheist just don't care at all whether a God exists or not

Translation: you’re not a real atheist if you have an outspoken opinion. Same idiot:

if you were to do more research on this the logical thinking behind this is actually SOUND and PROVABLE.

This is just one of the many naked assertions some of these whiny little toads make: none of these faceless lack wits EVER BRING ANYTHING TO THE TABLE outside of some stupid comment. Obviously all that’s needed is an opinion, uninformed though it may be, it’s still valid! What horseshit.

You can read the rest of the egregious crap if you’d like – but if you want to post on my blog and tell me I’m not a ‘true atheist’, or some other such rot, at the very least, you should have another name than ‘anonymous’, and be able to respond to something resembling debate (I use that verb loosely, since most anonymous posters are grade-school kids that are all mouth and trousers and little else). If this inconveniences anyone else, I’m truly sorry, but I’m really sick of my inbox becoming a litter box.

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