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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Allegories Gone Wild - The Veiled Prophet And The River Of Nothingness

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This is one of those Internet click-click-click-click-WTF? moments that provide us with a glimpse into the wild river raft ride of other people's imaginations.

This one is a good one, albeit a tad...scattered.

(In the voice of Rod Serling): "Witness if you will, an old man, wracked and ruined by decades of alcoholic abuse, grasping at the strands of ambiguous hope by defining his own epistemology..."

So one David C. Owens, who styles himself the 'Veiled Prophet' (and America's premier visionary artists, although he has no Wiki or Answers.com page), is kind enough to share not only his art (which is middling fair, but he's no Dali by any stretch), but the strange fevered visions he's had (and none of them too original, I might add, let's skip the fact that his English is not good, either):

Ladies and gentleman, meine Dame und Herren, I give you...the River of Nothingness!

2012 The River Nothingness: Is there the slightest things you can do to change the equations of what will determine how you end up? Yes, there is - but - 'doubt' is the word for all the too many who will not care enough until it is much to late!
River Nothingness 2012 Facts about 12 21 12: The SOULLESS abomination! - Contrary to those misleading and teaching otherwise - after one has knowingly chosen to lead a cruel and unkind life ~ Just as all to many of those who've gone before them that waited until the last few moments of their life ~ Thinking they've out smarted their soul ~ They will find out ~ There is no such thing as death bed forgiveness.
12 21 12 Facts: There is no true God that would  and is going to force any innocent soul to return to a past [host] Bearer that has and does knowingly profane them self with the use of unkindness, anger, hate, rage and conniving disrespect for decent morals!
2012 End of the World: What and when an individual thinks they might  have been able to hide from humanity they can not hide from the companionship of the innocent soul, within!

Odd, how this predilection for apocalypse in 2012 seems to have spread like wildfire, no?

More incoherent babble:

December 21, 2012 River Nothingness: Past and present intents and all the conniving of even  future thoughts and ideas are known by your soul. And, no innocent soul, knowingly will chance that experiences twice!
And, thinking for even a second that one could fool a new soul when your  past companion is not around - that by itself is condemnation!

Sadly, there's no explanation for this ' past companion' nonsense. In a world where context is everything, this is rendered into gibberish.

More drivel:

Yes, you're having, not so strange, returning of Déjà vu and wonderful enlightenment is running close to wild as you comprehend again, and again things you already know - and your memories of remembrances are looking forward to circumstances you know to be the truth of how you have to protected you soul. Or, oh so real - And, oh so real! And, it is real! The River NOTHINGNESS of the SOULLESS!

Wait - so our 'souls' will drown in the River of Nothingness of the Soulless? Say whaaattt? And how does this come about? By being mean to people.

I kid you not. He seems to repeat the phrase deja vu a lot. He claims also to have painted multiple pictures on New Year's Eve, which is described like this:

The Lord's Lamp the first of David Owens Art Paintings Millennium Pictures from the special "Millennium Art Event" where World Art History was made, seen and watched as America's Greatest Visionary Artist was  documented by independent witnesses as his Visionary Art concept turned from vision(s) and turned into reality taking place in Covina, California (USA) starting in the early a.m. hours of December 31, 2000.

Which I find fairly amusing, because it was this tiny event apparently hosted in in his own living room, with pictures of folks (first names only) that nobody knows.

There are implicit nods to Shamanism, a large degree of apocalyptic vagueness, and a whole pile of weird, underdeveloped theodicy

Here's a pretty stupid video, since his link on 'Three Kinds of Demons' is broken.

Till the next post, then.

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