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I began doing a little research, due to a discussion at the NGB, and discovered this interesting fact, courtesy of the Egyptian SandMonkey.

I will quote a few excerpts. It's an excellent article
The roots of jihad

"PARIS - Friends and supporters of Al-Afif al-Akhdar are convinced: the life of the veteran fighter for secularism and democracy in the Arab world is in danger. A year ago, the Tunisian Islamic movement Al-Nahdha, which is persecuted by the authorities in its country, condemned him as the author of the scandalous book "The Unknown in the Prophet's Life." A Tunisian citizen, Akhdar has for decades been waging a stubborn campaign to expose the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism, including those espoused by Sheikh Rashed al-Ghanoushi, the leader of Al-Nahdha, who has been in exile in London since 1991. In an unsigned declaration on its Internet site, Al-Nahdha referred to Akhdar, without naming him. "

Another excerpt:

"In response to the declaration, which was construed as a fatwa condemning Akhdar to death, the Arab organization for the Protection of Freedom of Expression and the Press organized a petition "against obscurantist religious extremism," which called for the protection of Akhdar's life and freedom. Within two months, the petition was signed by more than 600 intellectuals and academics, most of them Arabs."

So I don't really want to hear anymore crap about 'Why aren't the moderate muslims stepping up to bat?" anymore. Besides which, to that I always counter: "Why is it easier to harrass white women wearing fur, than Hell's Angels wearing leather? White women aren't going to rearrange your jaw for ya, that's why."

"It was not by chance that he turned to Machover, an expert in international law who gained fame last year when he tried to bring about the arrest of an Israeli officer, Major General (res.) Doron Almog, who had just landed in London, on suspicion that he had perpetrated war crimes while serving in the Gaza Strip. Akhdar wants Islamic terrorists to get the same treatment as people who have committed crimes against humanity. In October 2004 he was one of three Arab intellectuals who asked the UN secretary-general and the Security Council to establish an international tribunal to try such terrorists, including clerics who issue fatwas for the liquidation of "infidels." "

To quote Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman: "Whoo-ah!" Go Akhdar! Let's skip to the distinguishing feature:

""There are two Islams from the period of Mohammed. There is Meccan Islam [referring to Mohammed's period in Mecca], which is a 'Christian' Islam - that is, under Christian influence - and is essentially peace-seeking. The use of violence, even for self-defense, was prohibited. In this Islam, jihad was prohibited. This Islam was the basis for the mystical Sufi movement.

"When Mohammed was forced to move from Mecca to Medina, a second Islam - jihadist Islam - was born. And it is this Islam that the contemporary terrorists have adopted. To justify the passage from the 'conciliatory' peace of Mecca to the militant peace of Medina, Mohammed told the Muslims that jihad is permissible only for self-defense [Surah of The Pilgrimage - Surah 22:39]: 'To those against whom war is made, permission is given [to fight], because they are wronged.' Mohammed was wronged - he was expelled from Mecca, and the purpose of the defensive jihad is to enable his return.

"Medinaist Islam is terrorist Islam. Sheikh Yusuf al-Kardawi says that terrorism in Islam is positive and should be welcomed. Here he is drawing in part on verse 12 in the Surah of the Spoils of War: 'I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: Smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them.' Osama bin Laden, in a speech on the occasion of Id al-Adha in 2003, said that it is best to follow the blessed terror about which al-Kardawi speaks."

Is there anything that can be done so that Meccan Islam will be strengthened and overcome Medinaist Islam?

"My answer is my plan for the reform of Islam, a reform of the Islamic discourse, of religious education, the religious media, the sermons in the mosques, and so forth. The plan is to remove from the textbooks all the violent and jihadist verses and leave them only in the source, in the holy writings
." "

So there IS a distinction. Not every Arab Muslim is a jihadist - despite what we've been told by the media.

I found this exceptionally interesting:

"So you also see a positive aspect in the Hamas electoral victory?

"Yes. History has laid an ambush for Hamas. The Hamas movement did not want to win, it wanted to be the second most important force, after Fatah, and to delay the implementation of the 'road map.' After the victory, the movement finds itself in a situation in which it must choose: either it forgoes its charter, and the jihad, in order to negotiate with Israel, or the Palestinian people will forgo it

Crossed fingers.

I also found this interesting:

"The president of the United States says that jihadist terror is the greatest threat to world peace. Do you agree?

"Islamic terror is a great enemy of humanity, but so is rampant capitalism. The world is being managed without wisdom and humanity is in constant danger of an ecological disaster, a nuclear disaster and a biological disaster.

"Capitalism is a necessary historical stage. At first it was wild and left many victims in its wake. As a result, a counter-movement arose, which succeeded in 'taming' it by stages, in 'civilizing' its barbarian impulses. Now it is running wild again and we must fight to tame it anew.
" "

It's a bit of a long read, but well worth it. I learned a great deal from this article. So read, discuss, ponder.

Till the next post, then.

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farmgirl said...

The use of violence, even for self-defense, was prohibited. In this Islam, jihad was prohibited. This Islam was the basis for the mystical Sufi movement.

what whaa peacefull muslims isnt that like saying a moral atheist

its to bad this movement of the muslim faith wasnt the one to dominate the sufi mystics had the right idea out side of self defense I would say you should defend your self but then again thats me


Krystalline Apostate said...

what whaa peacefull muslims isnt that like saying a moral atheist
Yes, Virginia, there ARE peaceful muslims. Just like there ARE moral atheists.
I'm a moral atheist, for 1. I know quite a few others.
its to bad this movement of the muslim faith wasnt the one to dominate
Yes, just like it's too bad that the peaceful Quakers aren't the dominant movement of xtianity.

udonman said...

uhm i think farm girl knows there are moral atheist just forgot to use the right screen namedid you look at the profie the email address is a dead giveaway

PastaLaVista said...

Toni you freak! I had to do a double take when I checked the farmgirl blog out. Man you must get bored out there in Iowa. Hey whatever turns your crank, long as your not hurting anybody. Can't say I'm really shocked or anything. Living in SoCal I've pretty much seen it all. I haven't had that good of a laugh in a while. Not condemning you or anything, it's just I would have never figured you for getting into that type thing. Just be careful, I can imagine a lot of scenarios that could end badly. I'm still chuckling over this.

udonman said...

pasta its not so much boredom its a part of me but its not that i want to live full time as a female

I cant really explain it and without naming names there is atleast one other male about my age on noodblog although he hasnt posted in a while who is also trans
that you wouldnt expect keep laoughing I dont care Ive gotten some good comments from karen

and as far as the comment what ever turns your crank to me there is nothing sexual about it
it is just the female side of me that is all if you dont understand then fine

youve got no idea how scary it is to actually decide to manifest your female side i am sure in cali where the soceity is a little more liberal it would be easier but around here it takes balls

PastaLaVista said...

Tony I'm not making fun of you. I was just laughing because I just didn't figure you for a trans. How could I. We basically only know each other in the virtual world. I'm sure everybody has formed some kind of idea in their minds on what a person is like based on online conversations. But really we don't know what that person is like. We only know what we observe and what that person wants to tell us. I won't pretend I understand you. Human beings can be pretty complex sometimes. I agree it takes balls to come out where you live. Just make sure some big 300lb corn-fed countryboy doesn't rip them off. And by the way I am kind of partial to those plaid skirts but you need to go a little shorter with it.

udonman said...

ra sorry about the hijack i didnt mean to honest

and pasta thats a winter skirt you dont want to go to short when its below freezing thats when the pic was taken around late january

Krystalline Apostate said...

ra sorry about the hijack i didnt mean to honest
Hey, no sweat about it my friend.
& hey, it takes balls no matter where you are.
CA is safer, by far, than Bumfuck Egypt, that's for sure. Not 100%, but up there.
Be careful.
I assume you're a TV?

udonman said...

yeah tv not tg or ts but again sorry bout hijacking the thread although looking back on it if i didnt want any one to know would i have sighned off with the female version of my name

Krystalline Apostate said...

but again sorry bout hijacking the thread
Again, don't sweat it, my friend.
looking back on it if i didnt want any one to know would i have sighned off
Hey, you wanted to tell someone. I can understand. No harm, no foul.