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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Witless Witch Doctors Wiping Out The Wrong White Folk…

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bushscienceWell, it seems like a step in the right direction….

Tanzania bans witch doctors after scores of albino people are killed in ritual slaughter

The government of Tanzania has banned witch doctors due to ritual killings of albino people for their body parts.

The witch doctors reportedly fueled the killings by inducing local people to believe “magic potions” made from body parts brought good luck and wealth.

Some religious leaders have welcomed the move but warned that a blanket ban could affect access to traditional medicine offered by healers and herbalists.

Now the leaders are calling for a new approach, even as the government clarifies it was targeting cheats.

“I don’t think the ban will end the problem,” said the Rev. Leonard Mtaita, a retired general secretary of the Christian Council in Tanzania. “A lot of people, including senior politicians, visit these witch doctors. I think the best approach would be to educate the communities about these issues.”

Tanzanian Roman Catholic scholar Pius Rutechura said that although the move was welcomed, it needed to be accompanied by a series of other actions.
“We need to research and understand why witch doctors prefer albino body parts and why people believe them,” said Rutechura, vice chancellor at the Catholic University of East Africa in Kenya.

In the last three years, more than 70 albino people have been slain. In the latest incident, on Dec. 27, an armed gang led by a witch doctor kidnapped a 4-year-old girl in the northern Mwanza district

Last year, the United Nations warned of increased attacks on albinos in Tanzania because of the upcoming 2015 general elections, when political campaigners visit influential witch doctors to seek help in winning the election.

Yeah, we have witch doctors in America too – we just call them Christian  Fundamentalists. And if we didn’t have a set of laws preventing it, those asshats would be murdering people for a variety of anachronistic nonsense as well. As for educating people…well, the best education will always be a secular one, not a religious one.

The only true supernatural horrors, are those perpetrated by belief in the supernatural. It is still horrifying – that anyone in the the 21st century would be hunted down and mangled in such a way…it’s stomach-wrenching. And for a bunch of superstitious bullshit to boot. And to compound this tragedy, it’s an election year, and witch doctors actually have political clout. Witch doctors. Man, someone needs to really re-think this fucked up government, like maybe bulldoze and start over.

It is to weep.

Till the next post then.

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