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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Drive To End Blasphemy Laws

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jesusandmoblasphemydayOne by one the instruments of torture have been wrenched from the cruel clutch of the church, until within the armory of orthodoxy there remains but one weapon -- Slander. – Robert Ingersoll, A Vindication of Thomas Paine

I was unaware there was a world-wide drive to end blasphemy laws.

This then, is the last bastion of the religious, that they cry “foul!” and demand a respect unearned, unable at last to force their religion down our throats at the point of gun or sword, losing the battle and the war, reduced to the cringing cowardice that is the delusional mindset.

There will be a day when these anachronisms cease to plague us – but no joke, it’s going to take the long road and much work, and our generation may not see the end to it. However putting an end to international blasphemy laws, that is pulling a LOT of venomous fangs that shouldn’t exist anyways.

So let’s keep fighting the good fight: it’s a wearying war of attrition to be sure, but our children and their children deserve to be free of this nonsense.

Till the next post, then.

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