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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Luckily, This Inmate Is Not Running The Asylum: Rooster ClogBurn Revises History

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I wish we lived in a place more like the America of yesteryear that only exists in the brains of us Republicans. santorumdick - Ned Flanders

I don’ know about the rest of you, but I wiped some sweat from my brow and sighed with relief when this assclown didn’t quite cut  the mustard.

Santorum: Obama Has Put America On ‘The Path’ Of Executing Religious People By Decapitation

Rick Santorum continued to rail against President Obama’s so-called war against religion during a town hall in Plano, Texas Wednesday night. The former Pennsylvania senator — who has spent the last several days criticizing the government’s requirement that insurers provide contraception coverage and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision striking down Proposition 8 — accused the administration of “crushing” religion and setting the United States on the path towards executing religious people by decapitation:

SANTORUM: They are taking faith and crushing it. Why? Why? When you marginalize faith in America, when you remove the pillar of God-given rights, then what’s left is the French Revolution. What’s left is the government that gives you right, what’s left are no unalienable rights, what’s left is a government that will tell you who you are, what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. What’s left in France became the guillotine. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re a long way from that, but if we do and follow the path of President Obama and his overt hostility to faith in America, then we are headed down that road.

No, Clogburn, we aren’t.  This is apples-to-oranges, a typical maneuver among the addle-pated Republicans. The closest parallel is here:

Louis XVI ascended to the throne amidst a financial crisis; the state was nearing bankruptcy and outlays outpaced income. This was because of France’s financial obligations stemming from involvement in the Seven Years War and its participation in the American Revolutionary War.

Oh, and this too:

Necker realized that the country's extremely regressive tax system subjected the lower classes to a heavy burden, while numerous exemptions existed for the nobility and clergy.

But there the analogy breaks. The French aristocracy ruled by divine fiat. In fact, there was a great deal of resentment because of the Church’s wealth and influence. And in fact, feudalism was abolished during said revolution.

Oh, and there was a national tithe, as well:

The National Assembly began to enact social and economic reform. Legislation sanctioned on 4 August 1789 abolished the Church's authority to impose the tithe.

Yes, the church charged 10%, and yes, some of that was re-distributed to the poor, but the Holy Cee was famous even then for their opulence, and – well, free money is free money.

A lot of this nonsense is revised and ridiculous. We are nowhere near putting the religious in the dire straits they imagine they are in. No one is trying to ‘de-Christianize’ anything. The reality of the matter is that people are far more knowledgeable, and knowledge is nigh well instant in this day and age.

In a nutshell: old Rooster is a cock-a-doodling at a gibbous moon and claiming it’s made of green cheese.

And in the following clip, Lewis Black demolishes Santorum:

Till the next post, then.

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