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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Colonic Catholics Are At It Again–Banning Breast Cancer Donations? Really?

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jesusandmoabortion(Tip o’ the derby to Pharyngula for this one)

I call these people colonic Catholics because – well, they just need the shit cleaned out of their brains. For your weekly dose of outrage:

Bishop of Toledo bars assistance to Komen group

Toledo Catholic Bishop Leonard Blair has banned parishes and parochial schools from raising funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, citing concerns that the global anti-cancer giant may someday fund embryonic stem-cell research.

These sorts of idiocies cross my eyes. Seriously? Really? Stem cells? Why is this even a hot topic anymore for anyone with half a brain cell?

Mary Westphal, executive director of the Northwest Ohio Affiliate Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and board chairman Angie Ash said they were "extremely disappointed" in Bishop Blair's decision.

Should’ve just stated that you were pissed.

Bishop Blair, in his letter sent over the weekend to all priests and parishes in the 19-county Toledo diocese, stated that "at present the Komen Foundation does not fund" embryonic stem-cell research.

Which compounds the stupidity, not excuses it.

However, he said, "their policy does not exclude that possibility" and the foundation "may very well fund such research in the future."

With that sort of ‘logic’, he may as well tell everyone not to drive combustion engine cars, because the proceeds may eventually promote Sharia laws in Middle Eastern countries.

And to heighten the stupidity, in the idiot’s own words:

Few of us remain untouched by the scourge of breast cancer. Whether among our families, friends or neighbors, there are a great many women in our country who confront this disease every day with tremendous faith and courage.
Researchers, physicians and medical personnel, using their God-given intelligence and skill, work very hard not only to provide healing of those who are afflicted, but also to find a cure. We are all familiar with the mobilization of effort in our country on behalf of this worthy goal.

Always with the appeals to an imaginary sky daddy.

One of the most widely known initiatives is that of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Many people participate in efforts to raise funds for this cause, including some of our Catholic institutions and schools.
While we want to do everything possible to support the search for a cure, sadly the landscape of medical research today is sometimes marred by the erroneous belief that research is not bound by moral norms rooted in faith and reason, as reflected in the teaching of the Church. That teaching holds, for example, that it is not morally acceptable to destroy one human life, even in its embryonic stage, in order to save another human life.

This fails on so many levels. A., faith is nothing more than fuzzy feel good crap, and reason triumphs over it in the real world, B., their holy book barely touches on the concept of abortion except that if someone harms a pregnant woman and she miscarries, the person causing the injury has to pay a fine to the husband, and C., a life in the embryonic stage hardly counts, and doesn’t count, via the 14th amendment, until it’s born.

For some time, moral questions have been raised from various quarters about the research funded by the Komen Foundation.

Ha! Catholics talking about morality! That’s a running gag nowadays.

The Bishops of Ohio have discussed this and have looked into the matter.

Christlation: “We muddled through our holy fairy tales, and decided against it. And will defend this with flowery, insubstantial rhetoric.”

As best we can determine, at present the Komen Foundation does not fund cancer research that employs embryonic stem cells. However, their policy does not exclude that possibility. They are open to embryonic stem cell research, and may very well fund such research in the future.

Which is none of your dog-damned business, is what it is.

They are also contributors to Planned Parenthood, which, though it may claim to provide needed medical services to poor women, is also the largest provider of abortions in our country.

Gotta watch these little snakes. ‘May claim’ my homesick ass. But the real problem is what most Catolicks have: the abortion issue. Although PP is one of the largest providers in the US, abortion is only 3% of the services provided. Regardless, it’s obvious that these control freaks in frocks want to tell everyone how to live (which is no surprise).

In order to avoid even the possibility of cooperation in morally unacceptable activities, the other Bishops and I believe that it would be wise to find alternatives to Komen for Catholic fundraising efforts.

The biggest conglomeration of pedophiles since NAMBLA think there’s such a thing as ‘morally unacceptable activities’? What a laugh.

For that reason, I am directing that in the fight against breast cancer, fundraising carried out under Catholic auspices, including our schools, should be channeled to our locally known Mercy Cancer Centers instead of Komen.

At least he’s not directing everyone to ‘pray the cancer away’. Because nothing fails like prayer.

One of the major problems we have, is that we let these assholes dictate to the general public how to act, what to think, and we honor the opinions of some dumb fuck in a frock because they’ve pretty much been in charge for centuries, and nobody in power’s got the gumption to tell these assholes their numbers up, their numbers are down, and their opinion’s for shit.

I really can’t say this often enough: fuck religion. It teaches discrimination, it teaches crazy horseshit, and it lets the nutjobs squeak by under the radar way too frequently.

Till the next post, then.

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