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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Because The Call Of The Wild Is Louder Than An Ave Maria….

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unmarriedclergyTheology is a thing of unreason altogether, an edifice of assumption and dreams, a superstructure without a substructure.
-- Ambrose Bierce, Collected Works (1912), quoted from
James A Haught, ed, 2000 Years of Disbelief

But love's the only engine of survival – Leonard Cohen, ‘The Future’

(Hat tip to Krissthesexyatheist)

It’s true – the religious bellow about clamping down on the simplest, most natural behavior. Vastly amusing for folks who aren’t acquainted with the cultural context, but obnoxious for those of us who see this sort of nonsense regularly. And in America, it’s constant. A constant barrage rains down on the average citizen. Religious language permeates (too) many metaphors; the imagery is ubiquitous; and the taboos about criticism are so deeply ingrained, it’s no wonder atheists are blamed for cultural calamities, and shouted down.

Of course, when you read a story like the following, a lack of reverence puts things into perspective quickly:

German theologians call for end to celibacy

BERLIN – University theologians in Germany have called on the Catholic Church to abandon the vow of celibacy for priests, open up the clergy for women and accept gays couples.

Yeah, I’d say you clowns are about a millennia too late.

The 143 professors said the church must implement bold reforms because of "a crisis without precedent" following the discovery of widespread sexual and physical abuses by clergymen a year ago.

Sorry. In my book, almost anything is forgivable. Child molestation is NOT one.

More Christians than ever have turned their backs on the Catholic Church in the past year, they said. "The Church has to understand these signs and move beyond its ossified structures to regain new vitality and credibility."

Said one dinosaur to another, “What’s that big burning thing coming down on us?”

The appeal, published in newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung's Friday edition, called on the church's leadership to stop excluding gay couples and remarried Christians.

Oops – there goes another book of the bible. I assume the shellfish and linen stipulations are out too?

"The Church also needs married priests and women holding positions in the clergy," the appeal said — in clear defiance of the Vatican's dogmas.

But Germany's Bishops Conference on Friday cautiously welcomed the appeal, saying it could enhance the ongoing reform discussion, while noting several proposals contradicted the church's principles.

Reform? The Catholic church isn’t in need of reform. That’s like strapping a jet engine to a Model T. It needs to be gone.

"On some issues, the memorandum is in conflict with theological convictions and church regulations that are highly binding," Bishops Conference Secretary Hand Langendoerfer said in a statement.

The appeal — signed by a few Austrian, Swiss and by almost a third of Germany's Catholic university theologians — is a rare challenge to the clergy establishment and the Vatican, because the church has a veto right in appointing theologians at Germany's state-run universities.

Wait – what? Why are there ‘theologians’ in state-run universities?

But the wealthy Catholic Church in the homeland of Pope Benedict XVI sees the number of its followers dwindling, leading to lower proceeds every year, and ever fewer young men choosing to become priests.

Always good news.

Several leading lawmakers from Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party — among them parliamentary Speaker Nobert Lammert and Education Minister Annette Schavan — last month also appealed to Germany's bishops to fight for the vow of celibacy's abolition, citing "the increasing lack of priests."

You gotta bribe young men into joining by maybe letting them get laid? The phrase ‘control issues’ comes to mind.

The theologians, in turn, said the challenges are already obvious for a long time, but there are still no church reforms within sight.

A common refrain that has lasted two millennia.

"The disturbance of open dialogue without any taboos does not go well with everybody, especially when there's a papal visit upcoming," the theologians said, referring to Benedict's planned visit in September.

They said that in stereo? Truer words have never been spoken, especially by theologians.

The professors also called for a more democratic and less centralized church, including giving the faithful a say in appointing their priests and bishops. "What can be decided locally, should be decided there," the appeal said.

Centuries of trying to suppress and chain a vital urge that drives humanity, and what do we get? Child molesters. Res ipsa loquitor.

I believe the end is coming, folks. That great shambling blind anachronism is falling to its knees, not in supplication, but in fatigue. The only reform needed is that our species stop paying homage and respect to the shamans and witch-doctors. We’ve outgrown them. At least, some of us have. We’re just waiting for the rest to catch up.

Till the next post, then.

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