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Monday, February 07, 2011

Tuesday Twofer - Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman!

Mary Hartman Mary Hartman was an old Norman Lear production, between the years 1976 and 1977, and it was another one of those 'awkward' shows (you know what I mean if you'd watched these then and now: back then, their idea of censorship was cutting edge, now it's just funny). In fact, it got enough guff that they put it on later (as opposed to canceling outright - but they didn't) because it wasn't 'wholesome' enough.

Favorite lines from the show:

"I hope I'm not thinking what I think I'm thinking."
"Oh, Heather wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that at Heather's age, and she reminds me of me a little at that age, so Heather didn't do it."

Of course, you know you've been iconized when you've been spoofed by Carol Burnett:

Interesting how the icons of yesterday become the faint echoes of times past...

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