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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Defunding Planned Parenthood–The Latest Dog And Pony Show From The Reichwing Crazies…

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planned parenthoodJust when you thought that maybe, just maybe, the dust has settled from the last insane farce the Far Right kicked up, we have us some real crazy a-showin’ up:

In Hour-Long Attack On Planned Parenthood, Beck Inexcusably Ignores Key Fact

Glenn Beck devoted the February 18 edition of his Fox News show to promoting the false claim that Live Action's undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood abetting the sex trafficking of underage girls. Beck did not mention once during his hour-long show that, before any of the hoax videos were released, Planned Parenthood contacted the FBI to report the possibility that sex trafficking was occurring.

And if lunging face first into his own omelet isn’t enough, Glenn Dreck has to go even further:

Beck Claims There Are "Dozens Of" Videos Of Planned Parenthood Helping A Pimp Get Abortions For Underage Girls. From the February 18 edition of Fox News' Glenn Beck:

BECK: If I told you there were people in Afghanistan under the noses of our troops that were assisting mullahs that were keeping underaged girls in a slave trade and our troops were not reporting it and they were watching it go on, they were in fact assisting or advising the pimps, would you say those troops need to come home and be court-martialed? Those troops should not be serving us?

I think the answer would be yes.

If I told you that our dollars in Egypt were being used to keep young girls in -- even if they were living in luxury but they were being kept so men could come and rape them and our money was going to give them medical support, to make sure that they're healthy, to make sure that they didn't have children, they got abortions from the rapes every night. If I told you that we had video of people, our own people, assisting them, would you say that would be a front page story?

It's not a front page story because it's happening here in America, and it's happening at Planned Parenthood and nobody wants to think about it.

That's why I think in time abortion will be recognized as the horror that it is.


BECK: There are dozens of videos doing -- showing horrible things happening at Planned Parenthood where a pimp will come in and will say, hey, I've got all these underage girls and I got to get them abortions, can you help? And they say, yes.

I have the distinct impression that Glenn Dreck has allergic reactions to fact checkers, as it is obvious he doesn’t employ them. Abortion only constitutes 3% of PP’s overall yearly procedures. Yet somehow, all the crazies focus on the small percentage they object to and blow it out of proportion. Which is stupid. And also a strawman.

Yes, I’ve seen the video – it was this ‘Pro-Life’ (a ridiculous appellation at best) group by name of Live Action, who ‘went undercover’ and ‘stung’ a PP worker. That they chopped up selected highlights and put them before the ‘interview’ bodes ill, along with the effort at Indie-level production values, that subjects the viewer to the filmer’s bias and removes all objective value as evidence from the video clip.

And PP workers aren’t police officers. Was the woman supposed to slap the cuffs on these people? No, she did her job, and contacted her superiors after the interview.

It’s stupid enough that this even became news – but it’s also being used as some sort of effort to defund PP:

Led by Republicans Mike Pence and Chris Smith, two abortion-related measures are headed to the House of Representatives, where Republicans now have sufficient votes to pass them without any support from Democrats.

Mr Pence is aiming to stop Planned Parenthood, a reproductive care organisation, receiving federal funds.

Planned Parenthood offers services including contraception, gynaecological and breast exams, and family planning, but is a favoured target for the anti-abortion lobby because it is America's leading provider of abortions.

It serves about 3 million women each year in its more than 800 clinics, and provided 324,008 abortions in 2008. The organisation says abortions account for only about 3% of its budget.

Anti-abortion activists have long had Planned Parenthood in their sights, keeping an almost constant vigil of protesters outside their clinics.

Their campaign to deny it federal funds has been aided recently by the release of several hidden camera videos showing a man posing as a pimp asking Planned Parenthood workers about services for under-age prostitutes.

I also think there might be an issue with the legality of recording people without permission, but I’m unsure.

So, SIGN THIS PETITION. Write a few emails to your representatives – let’s go and get this nonsense shouted down.

Till the next post, then.

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