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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scream A Little Scream Of Persecution…

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(Hat tip to the Freethinker for this one)

The Christian Legal Center. Nice ring, no? To those of us who are acquainted with the capacity of faitheists to fabricate and holler about injustice, it’s a red flag. So get this one:

A Christian couple from Blackburn, Lancashire, have had their application to be foster parents terminated by the Council because of their orthodox Christian beliefs on marriage and their belief that the best environment in which to raise a child is with a mother and a father. John Yallop and his wife Colette had told Lancashire Council that they were Christians but had been assured that they were still welcome to apply to be foster parents.

I confess to being curious – does this apply to single mothers and fathers? Likely decided on a case-to-case basis (contingent on whether the parent[s] in question are religious, I’ll bet).

However, during the process, problems arose for John and Colette Yallop when the Council asked them whether they would have any objections to prospective homosexual adoptive parents coming into their home for the ‘handover process’ which normally involves a number of visits.  John and Colette Yallop proposed that any meetings with prospective homosexual adoptive parents should take place at a children’s centre rather than in their own home, as they were concerned that it may cause confusion to their two young children aged 5 and 7. As a result of this request, their application was terminated by the Council, causing John and Colette Yallop great distress.

To shave off the sugar coating, it means they didn’t want to have to explain this to their kids. Nice.

It would appear that John and Colette Yallop have been discriminated against due to their Christian belief that marriage is between a man and a woman and that children do best when they have a mother and a father.

Contrary to the studies that say otherwise (even though the data is somewhat flawed).

The CLC is headed by a major league delusionist – one Andrea Minichiello Williams, whose antiquated views are stealthily alarming. The CLC (the ‘clique’, no doubt) also blew money on the Christian Wandsworth case, where a homelessness officer in London ranted for a half an hour at a sick woman, also telling her not to go to a doctor for her illness.

The CLC doesn’t seem to win any cases (except for the Johns’ case), and while we all applaud how they keep throwing good money after bad, remember:

A. Enough exposure solicits sympathy, and
B. there’s a large base of followers to draw upon.

So, this is happening in the UK. Bring in across the Atlantic, multiply it by a hundred, and be thankful torches and pitchforks are out of vogue.

Till the next post, then.

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