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Friday, February 05, 2010

Slaughtering The Dissonance – Part The Tres

As an ongoing examination of the alleged ‘Slaughter Of The Dissidents’, let’s examine the ‘slaughter’ of  one Roger Dehart, as per the CreationWiki:

For much of his career, he introduced challenges to Darwinism and the concept of intelligent design in his high school classes. DeHart assigned his students excerpts from the creationist supplemental biology textbook Of Pandas and People, he would also show the film Inherit the Wind, and draw upon articles from science journals that challenged evolution as a way of having students question evolutionary presuppositions.

Wait - ‘Of Pandas And People’? Wasn’t that the book that was edited to substitute ‘creationism’ for ‘intelligent design’? The same one thatKevin Padian, a biologist at University of California Berkeley reviewed the book and called it "a wholesale distortion of modern biology." Michael Ruse, a professor of philosophy and biology, reviewed it, saying "this book is worthless and dishonest." Gerald Skoog, Professor of Education at Texas Tech University, wrote it reflects the creationist strategy to "attack evolution," but the book does not contain a scientific theory or model to "balance" against evolution. And as for Inherit The Wind, that’s work of fiction.

He was the high school biology teacher at Burlington-Edison High School in Washington State for 14 years, when in June 1997 a parent of one of DeHart's students sent a complaint to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU quickly threatened to sue the Burlington-Edison School District if DeHart didn't stop teaching intelligent design. In response to the threats of impending lawsuit, the district took away the biology classes from his teaching load, and he was reassigned to earth sciences.

Yes, but he was teaching ID in the classroom for 11 years when someone actually spoke up about this nonsense. Here are some of the issues I have:

A. Intelligent design is not only NOT science, it’s a violation of church and state separation,
B. evolution is the backbone of biology,
C. high school is a completely inappropriate place to even raise the alleged ‘controversy’.

So what happened to our stalwart ‘martyr’?

DeHart later resigned and took a teaching job at Marysville Pilchuck High School where he taught for one year. He then transferred to Oaks Christian School located just outside Malibu, California where he taught Honors and AP Biology. Mr. DeHart currently resides in Florida.

So…no cross raised on Golgotha, no spikes through the hands? No pillory, being drawn and quartered, no strappado? They just re-assigned him, he resigned and took a job elsewhere, to ruin more young minds?

This is the third example advertised from the book that has all the earmarks of sour grapes.

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