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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Genitalia Police Are At It Again: The War On Porn – And Guess Who’s Behind It?

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Virtus in media stat.

Pursuant to an ongoing online conversation at Pharyngula, it turns out that some groups have declared a War On Porn. This is no surprise: not since Edwin Meese issued that ridiculous report fatwa in 1986, and guess who was on that allegedly ‘objective’ commission? Why, none other than our old buddy James Dobson, a diehard ‘family values’ fanatic. Guess who else was on it? Why, none other than Rev. Bruce Ritter (and what a surprise! Turns out old Brucie had a Haggard style relationship with a male hooker! What is with these guys anyways?)

And of course, they were able to spin up some evidence via a fellow named Victor Cline. In fact, he released this report, outlining his findings on the matter of porn addiction. However, while his credentials look sound, when someone actually starts pulling out the ‘serial-killer-inspired-by-porn’ credo, my eyebrows narrow with suspicion (because I’ve heard this nonsense before, only it was blamed on evolution).

And sure as shitting, this guy obviously has an agenda to promote:

The Church views sexuality positively-as a sacred gift from God with the primary purposes of reproducing life upon the earth and bonding the husband and wife together in an eternal, affectionate, committed relationship. High standards of personal morality and sexual conduct, including chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage, are taught as norms for Church members. These standards are perceived as reflecting God's will and counsel for his earthly children.

Not to mention his signature on this little ditty that he signed with NARTH to the APA. Also, he’s a member of the Lighted Candle Society, which claims to be non-religious, but in a newsletter dated May of 2003 quotes “For those whose religious tenants regard the human body as sacred, or in the words of the Apostle Paul, as “...the temple of God, which temple ye are,” any presentation of willful violence against another human being is obscene.” And among the Genitalia Police is one Judith Reisman who is a raging anti-Kinsey anti-porn advocate, who has formulated a most…interesting theory (definition #6):

Reisman says that there are chemicals in the brain, which she has dubbed "erototoxins," that are produced by watching pornography and that have toxic influences on the brain. Reisman lists these "erototoxins" as testosterone, adrenaline, oxytocin, glucose, dopamine, serotonin, and phenylethylamine. While some of these chemicals are related to arousal or orgasm, none are specifically associated with toxicity or the viewing of erotic images.

Anyone surprised that the backbone of the anti-porn movement is religious? No? Me neither.

This perturbs me on multiple levels. Firstly, that this particular crusade is spilling well into the realm of thought control. That a group of people would subject millions of people to their draconian criteria is very much Orwellian by any definition.  Also that it would deprive people of the right to choose what they do with their time as well as their bodies – something that never ever works in realtime.

It is no secret to the observant, that this is payback for centuries of tight-fisted religious control of human sex drives. When an inhibition (individually or collectively) is broken, the floodgates open and the instinct is to wallow. 

Is the sex worker industry in serious need of reform? Of course it is – but it needs to be regulated, not driven further underground, not relegated to the sewers. These are human beings that are supplying a demand – and while it is image-driven, there are indeed folks out there who cannot make a living outside their good looks. And it’s a 200 million a year industry, so I think the likelihood is slim that those self-perceived guardians of our genitalia are going to have any luck in this endeavor at all, unless they impose a theocracy.

The major problem is sex, and our perception of it. The American culture is still burdened with overtones that vacillate between Puritan, Victorian and Dorian Gray. Sex is many, many things. It is dangerous; it is fun; it is something to be approached with some sanity; it is exceptionally messy; but it is something integral to our fundamental nature, something to be accepted and not stigmatized. An expression of ourselves in our individual glory.

But as long as we have these self-appointed privates-police, there’s always going to be some crazed contingent that fears the power and mystery and majesty of our most primal drive, who are more than willing to substitute the chains of behavior for the clear light of reason, these are the people we must guard against, speak against, shout down and marginalize, otherwise, we will be marching lockstep back into the Dark Ages.

Till the next post then.

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