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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Because Humanity Can’t Be Trusted With Its Own Genitalia – On Any Side Of Any Ocean

And no, it’s not enough that we have complete fucknuts in our government trying to re-fund ‘abstinence only’ programs that are proven not to work –and it’s not enough that Indonesia apparently has some serious modernist issues – it seems that the Middle East also has these self-appointed guardians of people’s nether regions as well. Only in this case, they’re actually clamping down on immoral mannequins (did anybody tell these twats that the film Mannequin was fictional?)

Iranian police have warned shopkeepers not to display female mannequins without a hijab, or showing bodily curves, Irna news agency reports.

Display of bow ties and neckties, and the sale of women's underwear by men are also banned, the police said.

The move is part of a crackdown on Western influences and enforcement of dress codes in recent years.

"Un-Islamic behaviour" has been targeted since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's first election in 2005.

"Using unusual mannequins exposing body curves and with heads without hijabs [Muslim veils] are prohibited to be used in the shops," police said in a statement carried by Irna.

Correspondents say that in the past such campaigns usually only lasted throughout the summer, but last year's crackdown, including on tight trousers for women, was still continuing in the winter.

Iranians who violate dress codes for the first time are generally cautioned, but repeat offenders can face court action and "guidance classes".

It’s getting harder to believe that we live in the 21st century, that’s a fact.

And again (no surprise), Iran is also cracking down on anything resembling critical thought:

A hard-line deputy of Iran's supreme leader announced steps Sunday to purge Iranian universities of Western influences even as the government faced accusations of "fascism and totalitarianism" leveled by the country's former president.
Hamid Reza Ayatollahi, head of a government body that oversees universities, announced a plan to revise humanities curricula to bring them more in line with Islamic principles.
"Many of the syllabuses taught to students majoring in humanities are not in line with Iranian and Islamic culture and therefore their revision is a must," Ayatollahi said in a statement published by Iranian news agencies.
A committee has been established to "eliminate certain curricula and replace them with Islamic materials," he said.
The effort stemmed from a speech last week by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said that humanities courses result in "disbelief in Islamic and divine teachings" and are mostly based on "materialist philosophical concepts causing misgivings about religious principles."
Critics derided the purge as another in a 30-year series of ill-fated attempts to impose on Iranian society the puritanical values of hard-liners who dominate political life.
"Certain individuals reject liberalism, but their opposition is based on fascism and totalitarianism," former President Mohammad Khatami, a prominent reformist, said in comments published on his website Sunday. "Assailing an aspect of the Western experience by insisting on a more dangerous and worse view is doomed."

And Iran’s policies clearly hit 10 out of 14 points as listed by Umberto Eco’s Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt points 1-6, 8-9, 12 and 13.

So I can say clearly and without prevarication, that Iran is a theocracy, and a fascist theocracy at that.

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