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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Suffering Children - How Religion Is NOT A Force Of Good In This World...

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Your unflappable conceptions
Moralistic views
Never open to criticism
Your overpowering ruse
Promises of sanctuary
In eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the master plan
Just face the truth or fund the farce
At one with your god
Your sole intent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent
Global lunacy
Death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non believers pushed to the floor
Aggressive tyrants
Supposed saints for the cause
Judgement through force
Faith a fuel for pointless wars
When all is done
Who shall benefit? who is the one?
Not to those who pass on
But those dictators divine waving their deceitful wands.
- Napalm Death, Suffer The Children

It was Stardust's recent post that prompted this: while the three Abrahamanic religions forbid infanticide, there are far-reaching ramifications of this morbid meme we call religion.

'Religious freedom' allowed these particular fucktards to let their children die. As well as these morons.

And then we have so many superlative examples to draw upon: the case of the crazy ass fairy beggar grandpa and the naked, blood-draped mother exorcising a 2 year old who had 'demons' in her.

Arvin Shreeve, who had patriarchal control issues that extended to 'educating' female children in ways both dietary and carnal.

There are these mental midgets, who 'used a Ouija board', and somehow, 'demons' caused the child to burn their house down.

Then there's this bit of terror from London, where children are being abused in exorcism rituals in African churches.

(And the Christian religion is not the only culprit: Islam has a great deal to answer for, as well.)

We also have such princes among men like Ervil LeBaron, Jim Jones, Joseph Kibwetere, Marcus D. Wesson,  a lineage of religious madness that dates back to Gilles de Rais and Countess Bathory.

The track record is clear, the patterns obvious: superstition is a reversed Occam's Razor, that slices psyches as it multiplies needless supernatural entities. It cloaks the mentally ill from treatment: it not only vindicates night terrors, it gives them shapes and names, rather than banishing them to the imagined shadows from whence they came.

And in the long run, seeing as the religious are as fertile as rabbits, it is the child who suffers from medieval terrors and bronze-age boogeymen, those shadows of the night that never laid foot (nor ever will) on this earth.

So, if you are religious, and you are reading this, put aside your outrage for a moment, look in a mirror, and ask yourself: Is your fantasy a substantial substitute for reality? If so, can you really truly 'believe' that these fantasies provide a safe, viable alternative to doing actual parenting, that any Bronze Age tome of dubious anachronistic epistemology has any value at all in the 21st century?

In short, religion is a dead metaphor, best consigned to the scrapbooks of history, an albatross to be shed, as auguries and omens are patchwork memes from days past.

It is no longer 'Suffer the children', but that the children are suffering, and for the most part of that is religion.

Till the next post then.

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1 comment:

Stardust said...

There is a Star Trek mentality amongst some people who think we must not interfere with other cultures and their practices. However, this is the real world and when we see children suffering and being murdered we must step in and do something. Educate these people. They can still live their lives on the land and naturally as they have been, but they need to know that murder is wrong and should be made to abide by the same laws and be held just as accountable as anyone else would who murdered someone or committed child abuse.

This video still gives me nightmares.