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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Sharing - How Does The Atheist Viewpoint Influences How You Play With Others

I've pointed out how atheism is a world view here, and I've asked for some stories from my readers - so now I'm curious: am I the more bombastic amid my brethren?

Okay, here's a few more (mumble, grumble, sassafras...):

I sport two bumper stickers and a decal on my '91 Acura (which I'm not driving any more, having inherited my deceased mother's 98 Corolla). One reads "Freedom From Religion", the other, "Church Of Reality". The Procreation Car Emblem, which looks like this:

I find it pretty funny.

So, one day I'm in Castro Valley (I was getting a window screen repaired, because nice guy that I am, I refused to kill the wasp that found its way into the house - it went free, but it cost me $20), when some fellow my own age came up and asked about the 'Church' bumper sticker. I told him it was an atheist organization. Gratifying, it was, that he reached in and shook my hand. "Hey, you got some guts, having that on your car!" I shrugged, told him it was my First Amendment right (what I'd have said if some fundie fucktard had faced off on me, truth be told).

Last year, early morning, I'm driving (the Acura) through San Leandro. I come up on a beat up pick-up with a ratty shell, and two bumper stickers. One announced support for Answers In Genesis, another proclaimed "We're Taking Dinosaurs Back!" I began cursing under my breath, when I recalled that I had that emblem (featured above) on the back of my car. So I sped up, and made a point of getting in front of this mook. One signal, he/she was behind me, and then?

The truck slowed down to about half the speed limit, giving me a LOT of space. Cackling evilly, I went to work.

Okay, there's two more. C'mon, people! Share already, wouldja? (Please? Pretty please, with sugar on top?)

Be loud and proud, baby!

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1 comment:

Stardust said...

"We're Taking Dinosaurs Back!"

This intentional stupidity really pisses me off. Taking dinosaur's back...they are really making it difficult for their children to exist in the real world outside of their fairyland beliefs and brainwashing.

My sister lives in Indiana and they have the "In God We Trust" license plates. Now,she is a fundie so we expect that from her, but my brother who is a non-practicing Lutheran also chose these plates when he moved to Indiana...or his wife chose them. My husband had to take a jab at him for that. He says "hey, what's with the holy license plates?" My brother got a bit red and said that he had no choice and had to take those. I looked it up online and nope...its optional and they pay extra for them. So, next time we saw my brother my husband (who has been his best friend since they were teenagers) had to bug him about it again. He told him he had to choose those, then he said his wife went and got them...be he seemed sheepish about it. My husband told him glad it wasn't him who had to drive all over appearing to be a fundie freak. My brother looked slightly distressed about it. LOL...(My sis in law goes to morbid German Lutheran services every week). I am glad that my husband and I are both atheists. I could not deal with being married to a churchgoer of any sort. I know some people make it work, but it has to cause some sort of wedge between them.