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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Allegories Gone Wild - The Arm Of Gord Smites Mightily The Feeble Of Mind...


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The dark underbelly of the 'holy bible' contains numerous warts, boils, and cancerous tumors, inflicted by that loathsome grimoire of madness.

The CSA is one shining example of how racism, religion, and lack of education turns ordinary people into the walking wounded.


"The founder of the CSA was a polygamist, James Ellison, who was jailed for a period of time, along with his 'high priest' Kerry Noble in federal prison. Robert G. Millar became one of his spiritual advisers, who was the founder of Elohim City. He was also mentored by Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations and Robert Miles, founder of The Mountain Church in Cohoctah, Michigan. Both extreme right leaders taught and practiced the sect of Christian Identity, a religion the FBI yet has on its watch list as an 'extremist religion'. Ellison had very close ties to the KKK and the Northern Idaho group, Aryan Nations, in Hayden, Idaho, led by Richard Butler *. Miles had a very active prison ministry and newsletter, relating mostly to the violent white Aryan groups, of which there are many, most notably, the Aryan Brotherhood. The image here is neo-Nazi racists. After Ellison was released from prison, he moved to Elohim City, where he married Millar's granddaughter."

It's 'All In The Family' meets Charlie Manson. More info on these charming folks:


"The CSA was an organization that believed doomsday was imminent, and the 250-acre compound that was set up in Elijah became a community for its members. There they trained their members in paramilitary operations. The group strongly believed in white supremacy, and held a particularly strong sense of anti-Semitism. Like the other prominent extreme right groups, they referred to the United States Government as ZOG, for Zionist Occupied Government. Contrary to the ambitions of The Order, they professed that the United States government would dissolve from its own corruption. The military leader of the group, who used the name Randall Rader during his stay at CSA, left the group in a rift with Ellison and joined a newly forming group in Idaho called "The Order". It was The Order that declared war on the United States government in a 21 page declaration. Virtually all of the members of that group have been imprisoned on felony charges ranging from robbery to murder. Its founder, Robert Jay Matthews, died in a fiery shoot-out on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound off the coast of Seattle. Matthews signature poem was:

"Lay down your bibles and pick up a gun

It's time to deal in lead.

We are the armies of the damned

The soldiers of the already dead!"

Oh, wow, these wackadoos got it all. Racism, conspiracy theorists, anti-Semitism, anti-government, survivalist ethics...I may run out of fingers and toes to count how crazy these assholes are.

Unwilling to sit on their hands and wait for the apocalypse, they decided to take matters into their own hands:


"After it was set up, the CSA began targeting local and federal agents, including the sheriff who participated in the later siege on the organization's compound and the U.S. Attorney, Asa Hutchinson, who would negotiate a peaceful conclusion to the siege and later prosecute CSA members. CSA assassins would monitor the homes of their targets and actually practice mock assassinations of the targets with scoped rifles and practiced attacks in a mock "Combat City". The perimeter of the CSA compound had 100, 200, and 300 yard indicator plates nailed to trees to allow the defenders to adjust their sights accordingly to engage attackers. The central rallying point in the event of attack was a concrete bunk house that housed the communications radios next to the 95 foot tower, which itself, was constructed for defense. The perimeter of the compound had built-in bunkers for one to three men and each was numbered as a post and assigned to individuals as an 'area of responsibility'."

Disturbed is too mild an adjective for these clowns, I think.


Possible ties to the Oklahoma City Bombing

"There are several claims that the April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City Bombing was tied to the 'New Day' teachings of Elohim City. No proof, however, has ever been established. Elohim City was assembled for the purpose of gathering 'prophets of the New Day'. Robert Millar envisioned himself to be the 'Shepard of Shepards' traveling to numerous alternate societies, many of whom were and remain, communes. His ambition as a charismatic Christian leader, was to unite these 'underground' organizations. He appeared several times at the Padanaram Settlement, in southern Indiana, but contrary to reports, members of the Padanaram Settlement did not concur with the radical calling of either Millar or Ellison who made two appearances there. 'The Valley' was and remains known more as a cultural hub for artists and philosophers and until roughly 2003, operated the largest deciduous hardwood sawmill in five states. Timothy McVeigh was tied to several radical religious organizations, however, McVeigh was not yet exposed to the charismatic messages of these groups in his early teen youth and was just joining the Army when the CSA compound was sieged and broken up. Also, the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred very close to the 10-year anniversary of the siege of the CSA compound. But the most plausible link is that Richard Wayne Snell, who was executed on the day of the bombing, had planned a similar attack on the Murrah building in 1983 after becoming upset with the IRS. Not only that, but Snell was heard taunting jailers that something drastic would happen on the day of his execution. It is plausible that McVeigh may have been mentored by Snell since Snell frequented gun shows, a CSA practice until shortly before Snell made active contact with the group he is documented to have been a part of. Of itself, that is understandable since he hid out there between pawn shop robberies. He did not, however, reside on the property. CSA considered him to be a 'Patron'. Shortly after McVeigh was released from the Army he became very active at gun shows. "

End Snip.

There's more here via the ADL - it's a veritable cornucopia of craziness.

This then, is yet another symptom of how religion ruins people. It poisons the mind, and saturates it with delusion. The aftermath of self-loathing generated by some anachronistic Bronze Age tome that teaches its followers that humanity is naught but evil children, always worthy of punishment (and more to come, if draconian rules are not kept), and that the 'maturer' of said evil children are the arbitrators of worthiness.

And of course, the argument from the other side is, as always, "They're not with us!"

The sooner it's gone, the better off our species will be.

This is the Apostate, signing off.

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