Friday, January 20, 2006


Well, I figured, shrugging: why the hell not?

So I rented this bloody thing.

Now there was once upon a time it would’ve raised goose bumps on my nape, or made me question myself, and my spiritual strength.

Of course, now I’m an atheist, so my perspective has changed considerably.

Now the production values were fairly decent. The acting was, eh. There were some clever moments, and I actually jumped a couple of times.

Now for the bad bits.

First off, we’re seeing a resurgence of this dreck. And who are the constant soldiers that battle back the encroaching tendrils of evil? Yep, you guessed it. Catholic priests. How come we never see a Protestant, Methodist, or Episcopalian exorcist? That’s right: Mother Church to the rescue.

So we have this poor little farm girl, the minute she goes to a university (this is repeated 3 times in the 1st ½ hour, no less), spiritual problems arise.

She gets a scholarship, but we see her running about in the pouring rain in a dowdy farm dress, no umbrella. How smart is she? Why is she so special? She and her family are especially devout, and that’s about all one can garner.

We are then treated to a trial that’s ridiculous from both the perspective of prosecution AND the defense. The prosecutors use poor medical diagnoses, and are generally painted to be the blind, rational antagonists. “Psychotic epilepsy,” indeed. Schizophrenia and psychosis are used interchangeably (hey, who’s gonna notice?). Meanwhile, we get these flashbacks where Emily eats bugs, tears up the drywall, and shrieks in a variety of languages (which of course, the priest speaks ALL of them, what a surprise!). Credit due, though: the producers of the movie didn’t go for any wild CGI, pea green soup, or bizarre contortions, instead they shot for the psychological, more surreal efforts at fright. Succeeding only occasionally.

At one point, we discover that there are 6 demons inhabiting this spectacularly unimpressive young girl, one of them calling itself Legion (which is contradictory, in context), another Belial, and 1 more: the big Kahuna hisself, Lucifer.

At yet another juncture, we learn that the girl is visited by Mary herself, and is given the option of

  1. Leaving now, or

  2. Stick around for the suffering, so others may learn that God does indeed exist.
3 guesses as to which choice she makes? Yep. You got it. Option B. Immediately, she bursts into stigmata.

So, recap time: farm girl hits university on scholarship, is immediately beset by evil spirits, brought back to farm, priest unsuccessfully tries to get rid of spirit, fails, goes on trial simply to tell the world, “GOD AIN’T DEAD” (gotta love this horse puckey: during trial, priest reads written note, which tells of Mary’s visit, acceptance of sacrifice, and the punchline? “How can anyone say, ‘God is Dead’, if I show them the Devil?”), agnostic defense attorney becomes a believer (finds unknown locket outside apartment complex w/her initials on it, hey, it’s a MIRACLE!), movie closes with captions that tell about people from around the world coming to visit her grave as a shrine.

And there’s just so much wrong with all of this. God selecting people to suffer, to prove he still exists? Demonic possession, of all things? Hey, if God abolished world hunger, or war, hey, I think that’d be more the clincher for me. This blood sacrifice bullshit gets right up my nose, it does.

“Let’s see, people don’t believe in me anymore. I’ll infect some poor innocent young girl with demons, let her suffer, let her die, so her little note can be read at a public trial, to re-ignite the dimming candle of faith guttering in the world.”

It’s goddam savagery, is what it is. I’d think there’d be an easier way to go about proving I was the supreme deity, besides the suffering of innocents.

What’s worse is there are people who buy into this fatuous nonsense.

Sucker born every minute.

That’s my nickel’s worth.

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Matilda Wee Porcine said...

So in other words, since I dislike horror movies, and would see this topic as a similar type of dross, I should avoid this movie.

No problem, I was going to miss it anyway.

Eye said...

i can appreciate your position. demonic possession is a terrifying subject for many because it is a primal fear of losing control of one's self to an entity of pure evil. it is easy to turn a skeptical eye to these types of films, but reading the case study reveals many more interesting tidbits of information.

the reason this particular movie used a catholic priest is because it is based on a true story, and it was a catholic priest who performed the exorcism. click here to begin your journey of investigation

having studied both the spiritual and psychiatric aspects of possession, and being a catholic on the jesuit path, i cannot say that what transpired in Wurzburg was completely the delusions of a trouble young girl. i will say that it is interesting.

udonman said...

EYE how can this to be based on a true story its about religious supernatural nonsense but if you believe thats your decision

Krystalline Apostate said...

In all actuality, I studied the occult as a youth (back when the Exorcist 1st came out), & actually did research the topic somewhat. I did believe in that sort of nonsense, in my far-flung, wastrel youth. Am familiar w/Divine Obsession, Vodoun loas, and the like. So you're preaching to the ex-choir.

'Based on a true story' should read 'Based LOOSELY on a true story'.
I've not researched the background on this film, as I can pretty much piece the real story together (I think).

I appreciate your input, BTW, & thnx.

Anonymous said...

Poor girl. Afflicted with physical and mental illnesses and the priests add insult to injury by making her think she's possessed. By Hitler and Nero and Lucifer and more, all at once!!!

If only she had stayed on her meds and gone into the mental hospital for help when she had the chance. Yes, I did read EYE'S suggested material on the REAL story.

I may watch the movie if my son rents it, but won't go out of my way to see it.

BTW, what's wrong with tearing up crucifixes, pictures of Christ, and rosary beads! :)

Hey RA...it's me, Karen

Krystalline Apostate said...

Hey doll, thnx for dropping in.
Actually, I didn't read EYES' link at all.
I happen to be fairly up on this nonsense, truthfully.
I had forgotten the part of Hitler, Nero, etc.
If memory serves, humans don't get relegated to the status of demon, as demons are Fallen angels.
Of course, that depends on which cosmogony one chooses, and how much mix-n'-match is done.

Doctor Marco said...

Demons, devils, evil spirits, fallen angels, gnomes, etc. All part of the prolific human imagination, just like gods, angels, holy ghosts, fairies...

Visit me at Multae Sententiae

say no to christ said...

My husband and I spent 10 bucks a piece to see this silly movie. I was hoping it was like the exorcist. My fav movie of all times cuz I like scary movies. I was greatly disappointed! :(

You guys all hit the nail on the head! A poor girl was tourtured by preists! All to "prove" gods existance. Our world is full of crazy people!

Anonymous said...

she coulda took the easy way out, God lets bad stuff happen, but out of bad stuff comes good stuff. God made it obvious that he exists, after emilys death, there has been an increase in church activity. you just gotta beleive.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Anonymous: God made it obvious that he exists, after emilys death, there has been an increase in church activity. you just gotta beleive.
I believe that if there is such a creature, s/he's such an extraordinary sadist, I'd rather blink out of existence, than spend time in the company of such a madman.

Singingsongwriter7 said...

Something I researched said that the church refused to help until it became supernatural

"In the summer of 1973, her parents visited different pastors to request an exorcism. Their requests were rejected and they were given recommendations that the now 20 year old Anneliese should continue with medication and treatment. It was explained that the process by which the Church proves a possession (Infestatio) is strictly defined, and until all the criterium is met, a Bishop can not approve an exorcism. The requirements, to name a few, include an aversion to religious objects, speaking in a language the person has never learned, and supernatural powers."

Whether you believe this is real or not, it seems to me a lot of the problem was that the church refused to help because of man made rules that aren't found anywhere in the Bible...

And as for why, I don't know... but I am not going to project a good reason on this horrific situation to make myself feel better. I believe in God but I won't try to explain Him... if I could I would be god.