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Sunday, November 15, 2015

More On The Madness Of Muslims: Paris And The High Cost Of Accommodationism

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islamiccrazyBy now you’ve heard the news (unless you’re living in a cave) – Paris was savaged by a pack of mad dogs bent on asserting their dominance over an unwilling world:

Paris attacks: Authorities hunt for a French national

Paris (CNN)Authorities are hunting for a Belgium-born French national who is suspected to have been involved in the Paris terror attacks.

Belgian and French officials want to find Salah Abdeslam, the French prosecutor's office told CNN. Belgium has issued an international warrant for him.

French police released his photo and warned people not to interact with him, saying that he is dangerous.

Salah Abdeslam is  suspected of being involved in the attacks.
Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to 132, according to news agency Agence France-Presse, citing hospitals. At least 352 people were wounded, many of them seriously.

Investigators are working around the clock. The Islamic terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the slaughter.

Reflecting just how nervous Paris is right now, a panic broke out Sunday evening in a crowd gathered at a memorial erected at one of the sites of Friday's terror attacks.

Video showed mourners suddenly spooked, though it's still unclear why. People ran away screaming. Some jumped over lit candles of the memorial, others grabbed their children and sprinted away. The panic ended quickly and police have cleared the memorial, saying no one is allowed to gather, at least for the time being.

It's possible that suspects directly involved in Friday's Paris terror attacks remain at large, a French counterterrorism source close to the investigation told CNN on Sunday.

A number of arrests linked to the attacks have been made in Belgium, but it is unclear whether they include the occupant or occupants of an abandoned car with weapons inside found in eastern Paris, the source said.

The outrage, the horror, the utterly unnecessary loss of life – it almost defies description. Almost.

The roots of all the big 3 – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – the roots are soaked in the blood of innocents. Where some psychopath romps in the fields of ‘divinity’ – bloodshed is soon to follow. The Koran says, ‘do not compel religion’ – this rule is broken regularly, buried away under an onslaught of ‘re-interpretation’, hypocritically rejected because it doesn’t suit the needs of the interpreter, doesn’t bend to the need for control and slaughter.

It seems that we as a species really need to redefine the overly-liberalized concept of ‘belief’. For too long this has been used as a free pass…from religious exemptions for child abuse to genocidal madness. Too long we have ignored the obvious dissonance between belief and reality, too long have we dwelled in fear because of a carte blanche rule that these mad dogs use to their advantage.

Living in fear is no way to live at all. Living under the rule of some hairy-eyed lunatic chained to an antique piece of esoterica? No thanks.

And this latest act of terror? We should use every means to find these cowardly little shits, and bring them to justice, rough or otherwise. These people have abdicated their humanity, and have shown the rest of the world how a human being can lose his/her humanity.

And I say this again: the concept of the afterlife, it poisons everything. It’s a good likelihood that if this afterlife was NOT a hard and fast rule in just about every culture, terrorist attacks would dwindle to near zero, because no afterlife? No fucking WAY would anyone strap those bombs on and harm innocent people unless there was a big reward in it for them. Religious people deny that, but it’s the truth.

This is what we have. There is no afterlife. Time to treat each other equally, time to stop killing others over some trifling medieval esoteric guesswork unsupported by either reality or empirical reasoning.

Time to just…stop.

Till the next post then.

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