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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Because The Holy Cee Is A Center Of Stupidity

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villageidiotteresaI was raised Irish Catholic. Yes, I was once was a Papist bastard (though I couldn’t tell you any of the popes prior to Ratzinger). I did the whole holy communion, catechism, the whole schlemiel. I’m willing to bet that most atheists who were raised in a specific cult (yes CULT) likely despise their historical hogwash. As a result, when that veritable vacuousness that is the Vatican is mentioned, my lips curl in a sneer and my eyebrows furrow, and I try to be civil in my opinion of it, which is near impossible given my level of contempt for this ‘institution’.

Madness. Worshipping statues and crackers. Virgin birth. Unproven ‘miracles’. Complete folderol.

Which is why I get…irked, when I see shit like this:

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity refuse to allow Indian orphans to be adopted by single or divorced parents

How many lives are injured by Catholic dogma, with the Church’s response that Dogma is Dogma, and All Will Be Set Right in the New Life? This one’s particularly noxious, as the policy of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity is dooming orphans to a life in state custody, and preventing them from getting forever homes.
According to The Catholic Herald, the Catholic News Agency, and The Telegraph, the Missionaries are closing down their adoption service after changes in Indian law that now allow single and divorced parents to adopt children. (Gays in India are still forbidden to adopt children—an odious law that should be changed NOW.) India recently streamlined its notoriously labyrinthine adoption laws because there is a huge backlog of orphans compared to people willing to adopt them via the old cumbersome process.
The closure of 30 adoption agencies means that the Missionaries prefer children to live on the street, or abide in government homes for destitute kids, than to find a home with a single parent. Why? Well, first, because single parents can’t provide “real love”. From the Catholic Herald:

    Maneka Gandhi, head of the Women and Child Development Ministry, said the Missionaries of Charity have “cited ideological issues” with the adoption guidelines and that “they do not want to come under a uniform secular agenda.”

    Sister Amala of Nirmala Shishu Bhawan, a New Delhi orphanage run by the Missionaries of Charity, said: “We have already shut our adoption services, because we believe our children may not receive real love. We do not wish to give children to single parents or divorced people.

    “It is not a religious rule but a human rule. Children need both parents, male and female. That is only natural, isn’t it?”

Yeah, moron, so is starving to death in the streets, getting killed by members of your own species, and dying by ingesting a ‘natural’ poison. Yeesh, these people get right under my fucking skin.

Because in the olden time, one parent died, they took the kid away. Wait, what? They didn’t? When parents get divorced, guess what? One of them has to take the child, not put it up for fucking adoption. It’s this sort of lopsided reason that is just plain idiotic.

And what is ‘real love’ anyways? Is it different from ‘fake love’? How so? Try pinning a religious person down on definitions, and watch the clumsy mental gyrations ensue. I’ll bet it takes either of those ‘sisters’ at least an hour to cough up a semi-ambiguous explanation that explains nothing at all.

These assholes fucked up the whole Western world with their presuppositionalist bullshit. And that manure, it’s gotta stop.

Just tired of Italian assholes dictating their weirdnesses to the world, and watching the flocks of sheeple showing their simian side by doing as they’re told.

Till the next post, then.

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