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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Never Forget, Never Forgive: The 14th Anniversary Of A Tragedy

This Friday marked the historical tragedy of 9/11 – a tragedy we should never forget. This then was the wake-up call our country needed…would that we hadn’t needed or experienced it.

The largest red flag since the Holocaust, it is more proof that indeed, there is no one looking down on us. If there were, the clouds should’ve parted, and ethereal hands come down to slap those planes down.

But it was more than that. Never more clearly has the message been delivered: religion is toxic. Religion poisons the mind. It breeds psychotics by the boatload, or gives them unwise shelter. It devalues our lives by valuing a vague promise of something other. It suppresses the natural sex drive of people (and look how fucked up some of us are because of that). It teaches hate and tribalism wearing the mask of love. It lowers the sense of self-esteem by deeming all unworthy. And it is all vague guesswork – there is no proof that can be replicated in a lab, no bat-phone to the great beyond. It is all wild speculation, and that, simply put, is no good.

The religious were put on notice that day, regardless of which one, that there are things beyond the pale, that no amount of sincere belief can change.

Till the next post then.

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