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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Abstinence Makes The Church Grow Fondlers: Not Very Funny Anymore…

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jesusandmocatholicIt’s a small wonder that Pope Ratzi resigned: it seems that pedos in robes are coming out of the woodwork these days…

Police investigate allegations of sex abuse at Catholic boarding school

Police are investigating allegations of abuse at a Catholic boarding school in the Scottish Highlands, following complaints of a brutal regime in which boys were physically beaten, psychologically tortured and sexually assaulted. The school closed in 1993.

Officers from Police Scotland will travel to Newcastle tomorrow to interview Andrew Lavery, 41, who for two years in the 1980s attended the fee-paying Fort Augustus Abbey, which was run by Benedictine monks. "It was systematic, brutal, awful torture," says Lavery, who says he was beaten, sexually assaulted and isolated in a locked room for days on end under "special measures". He added: "The psychological torture was the most damaging. In the end I wanted to kill myself."

Lavery claims he was beaten unconscious by a monk and lay master while pupils watched, then left at the playing fields to crawl back to school. He also says he experienced "greying", which involved other pupils pinning the victim's legs apart while his testicles were hit with a hockey stick. A monk watched without intervening. "I have had pain in my left testicle all my life," he said.

There’s more at the link provided, if you have the stomach for it.

This is an ongoing issue. I don’t need to cite cases to prove that anymore. Res ipsa loquitur.

This illness we call religion blinds the eye to reality: it destroys self esteem and turns narcissists into sexual predators. It claims we need to return to a state of purity that never existed, deifying that state and holding it up as some sort of goal. And when that state that the worshipper never achieves goes unfulfilled, it seems to create some sort of frisson that builds unless released.

Religion is a constant state of perversion. It deals in delusion. It panders to the self-loather, and imposes unnatural controls on the psyche. And when the imposed inhibitions become too much to contain, the dam breaks, and the madness of repression spills forth.

This madness needs to end, else it may end us.

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