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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Darwin’s Birthday Is Around The Corner…How Will You Celebrate?

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It’s actually a far more fitting holiday (for lack of a better word) for the world at large than any other birthday/holiday/hallmark-excuse-to-gouge-the-consumer.2009-02-08-darwin-day-sale

Without Darwin’s evolutionary theory, we would lack a great many things in this world: biology (this is almost ALWAYS met with disbelief when you tell a creationist) – evolution is the backbone of biology, and by extension, modern medicine. Oh and agriculture and animal husbandry, not to mention the movement of ethics away from supernatural tripe to actual morality founded on reality. It is the pebble that began the avalanche, the flapping butterfly wing that began the tsunami, the asteroid that struck the world and began slowly extinguishing the anachronistic nonsenses of the past.

I could go at length on this topic – but I lack the vocabulary and the space to pontificate on this subject. Sufficient to say: Happy Darwin Day!

And oh yeah!
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Till the next post, then.

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