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Saturday, October 20, 2012

‘Heterophobia’–Can Anyone Please Get A Little Stupider?

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Gay-Rights-gay-rightsThe raging ignorance of the fellow members of my species exhibit, gives me a splitting headache:

Nick Griffin's ridiculous cry of 'heterophobia'

Just when you hoped you'd seen the last of him, up he pops again. Users of Twitter can hardly have failed to notice that yesterday, Nick Griffin took to the social networking site to express his anger over a judge's decision to award damages to a gay couple denied a room at a bed and breakfast.

In a series of increasingly irate tweets, the leader of the BNP called on his supporters to take action against "the 2 bullying 'gay' activists who won the case v Christian B&B owners." He demanded to know why leftwing and gay activists didn't "confront Muslims instead of picking on meek and forgiving Christians", claiming that "bullies are always cowards". He also publicly shared the home address of the gay couple in question and encouraged people to demonstrate outside their house – what he called a "bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple's home is their castle". He ended with the battle cry, "Say No to heterophobia!".

[I think the biggest reason for not confronting Muslims, is that they tend towards hyperactive violence when even slightly criticized.]

And no – bullies are not always cowards. Sometimes they’re just bored sociopaths. Either way we look at it, this sort of discrimination is disgraceful. But if the B&B owners refused to rent to the couple because they thought gay sex was icky-oogy, well, their asses would be on a plate. But as Hitchens so aptly puts it: ‘a man who proves every day that you can get away with anything in this country if you can shove the word "Reverend" in front of your name.’ The main point being, that hide under the umbrella of religion, and it (used to) provide a shield for both ignorance and discrimination.

And  what does the ‘upright’ Mrs. Wilkinson say?

Speaking after the ruling, Susanne Wilkinson said, "Equality laws have gone too far when they start to intrude into a family home." But a bed and breakfast is not a family home. It's a family business – and like any business, it falls under the provisions of the Equality Act. Wilkinson also added, "People's beliefs about marriage are coming under increasing attack and I am concerned about people's freedom to speak and act upon these beliefs."

Oh boo-fucking hoo. I get tired of all these plodders whining about their ‘beliefs’ being held to account – as if the mere act of ‘believing’ has any impact on reality itself.

And then we get idiotic gaffs like the following:

Whenever "beliefs about marriage" are mentioned, some people have a peculiar habit of confusing genuine discrimination with the right to discriminate against others. The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, demonstrated this last week when he compared opponents of equal marriage in Britain to Jews living in Nazi Germany. Clearly the Archbishop has a selective sense of history, or he'd remember that gay people were also rounded up and murdered by the Nazis. And Nick Griffin adopts a similar tactic now when he talks about people being the victims of "heterophobia". What we're seeing is the oppressor claiming the language and status of the oppressed.

And in my personal experience, in both real-time and blogging, is that the hugest portion of humanity that leans towards raging stupidity, is when they’re religious. It’s like they think they’d been absolved of all responsibility for having an informed opinion.

Till the next post, then.

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helen sotiriadis said...

"People's beliefs about marriage are coming under increasing attack and I am concerned about people's freedom to speak and act upon these beliefs."

well, the gay couple acted and spoke based upon their beliefs as well, as did the judge.

everyone does, which is why doing so is not off-limits to criticism or consequences.