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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Even More On The Madness Of Muslim–It Is Always Too Much

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It is no secret that I despise religions equally: I am an equal opportunity blasphemer. I don’t bang away at Judaism, because it’s become a minor footnote compared to the Big Two of the Three Abrahamic monotheisms. But there is a sliding scale. Christianity has been diluted somewhat over the centuries, and even though there are still some very, VERY scary individuals wandering about shouting gloom and doom from that particular piece of nastiness, Islam still rates in barbarism as numero uno with a bullet.

This following sort of incident, for instance, doesn’t occur on US soil:

After the Taliban: Swat women on changing life

The situation in Swat was normal until the Taliban appeared and destroyed the peace of Swat.

They started their inhuman activities, they slaughtered people in the squares of Mingora and they killed so many innocent people. Their first target was schools, especially girls schools. They blasted so many girls schools - more than 400 schools and more than 50,000 students suffered under the Taliban.

We were afraid the Taliban might throw acid on our faces or might kidnap us. They were barbarians, they could do anything. So at that time some of us would go to school in plain clothes, not in school uniform, just to pretend we are not students, and we hid our books under our shawls.

After the army operation the situation has become normal and the army is trying to rebuild good quality schools, but we want the schools to be rebuilt quickly because students are facing problems. It's very hot and they can't study in tents. Now everyone is free to come to school and the girls are now not afraid of the Taliban or anything that will ruin the peace of Swat.

When the Taliban came to Swat they banned women from going to the market and they banned shopping, but they did not know that women, whether from the East or West love shopping.

These are hairy-eyed fanatics, who have the will to rule. These aren’t just ‘a few crazies making the religion look bad’ (as the popular excuse goes) – these are a LOT of nutjobs, sociopaths looking for an excuse to tailor the world to their own convenience. In fact, there are 25,000 of them in Afghanistan alone. And they’re stealth crazies: they hide amid the population, using civilians as shields when someone in their right mind comes looking for them.

And people are afraid to turn them in. Why? Because shit like this happens, not only is the ‘kaffir’ slain, but grief and barbarism is visited upon their families:

The son of assassinated Punjab governor Salman Taseer, who was killed in January for opposing the blasphemy law, has been abducted, Pakistan police say.

Shahbaz Taseer's car was intercepted by four men in Lahore city's upscale Gulberg area on Friday.

It is not known who seized Mr Taseer but his family said they had received "threats from extremist groups".

Governor Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own bodyguard Mumtaz Qadri as he was about to get into his car.

"Four men in a car intercepted Shahbaz Taseer's car," news agency AFP quoted police emergency official Syed Mumtaz as saying.

"They overpowered him at gunpoint and forcibly put him in their car and sped away," he said.

There has been no word as to Shabaz’s welfare. I’d say there’s serious doubt as to whether he’ll survive this.

As religions go, they’re all barbaric garbage – but there is a distinct difference between a trash can, a small landfill, and a garbage scow. Just as there are gradations of terror. The vague worry that an invisible someone just might be watching differs proportionately to armed squads ready to enforce that invisible someone’s rules at sword or gunpoint. A world of difference.

In this constantly changing, much smaller world, these differences need to be gone, or we will all become rats in a bag, tearing each other to pieces over some imagined superiority.

Till the next post, then.

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