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Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Frauds Who Walk Amongst Us – Cold Readers And Ambulance Chasers

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Avoiding this is like avoiding a plague
We can't understand the advances we made
We've tried to resist but it's so hard to say no
We're pretending to see what the future will hold
We appear to be in control of our fate
– OMD, Pretending To See The Future

Of all the hocus pocus, voodoo, and superstitious tripe, the occult hucksters that thrive from the grief and need of the bereaved are perhaps among the most wretched. They are the ambulance chasers, the vultures who turn a dollar from the pain of others, and hide behind the anachronisms of yesteryear, rather than work an actual job.

I speak of ghouls like Alison Dubois, who, despite her claims of aiding police investigations, has failed miserably. Sylvia Browne (featured in the video provided) who has proven time and again that she is indisputably a lying crock of shit. Oh, and she bailed on the JREF million dollar challenge (she claims she doesn’t need the money, but charges 700 USD for 20 minutes on a phone – wow!). And that incredible douche, John Edwards.

And despite the continuous claim on TV and movies that psychics provide police with powerfully incriminating evidence that helps capture killers and rapists, well, that too is a lie.

But none of these frauds are ever held accountable for their nonsense. We can sue tire companies, doctors, dentists, for shoddy merchandise or breach of promise or malpractice, but these sleazebags hide behind labels such as ‘for entertainment purposes only’, suckling at the lifeblood of the gullible like some cheap monster in a B-grade movie, except that they look like normal folks. And of course, this is one of the many side-effects of our culture’s constant enabling of religious beliefs, that indulgent horseshit of ‘truth is subjective and different for everyone’, the warm fuzzy-wuzzy feeling of woo that those lacking in any critical thinking skills hold close to their heart, and spit fire at anyone who tries to use reason and rationality to disabuse them of their cherished illusions.

One fellow actually sued a New Jersey psychic for the $250,000 she bilked from him. What a grand idea. It is unfortunate that the victims of these vultures can’t just do a blanket class-action suit naming a list of these unconscionable pricks as defendants, and bankrupt the lot of them.

It’s a sorry, sorry state of affairs when the frauds hide under the umbrella of belief without repercussions.

Till the next post, then.

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