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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Who’s That Old Guy? Wait, That’s Yours Truly!

Last Saturday, I competed in another martial arts tournament. Yes, that’s me in the pony tail. The style I’m performing is Fu Style Tai Chi, created by Fu Zhen Sung, a Pa Kua master who created the style when he retired.

I always place with this form, and this is about the sixth time. I also brought home 3 other gold medals, and a Grand Champion plaque for my division.

It’s a little bit of all right. Funny story: right before I was ready to leave, my name was announced. I was confused, mostly because the last tournament, you had to enter 6 events, I only entered 4 in this one. Plus, I thought I had to pay extra (which I hadn’t). So I reported to the announcement table, and one of the people lugs over this HUGE trophy. I was agog. Luckily, it was a kid’s trophy (I don’t think the thing would’ve fit into my car anyways), and they brought the plaque over.

Am going to another tourney this Saturday – wish me good play, as luck’s got nothing to do with it (why do I hear a Tina Turner song in my head when I say that? Hmmm…)

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