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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Am Returned - Bearing Gifts And Tales Of The Far East...

I got back on Wednesday, and have pretty much sorted my light cycle out (those of you who have flown through that black expanse known as the International Time Line will know what I mean).
It was quite the little adventure. The people were wonderful (the Chinese have a big thing about hospitality, and they get tickled pink when you fumble with their language), the food was awesome (I keep hoping to lose weight on these treks - not yet), and I managed to bring home 2 bronze medals for the USA.
On the flip side, the pollution gave me serious problems, I contracted a minor bout of food poisoning (which I bounced back from pretty well, but for a little bit there, thought I was gonna die), and after being on a sleeper train, I wanted to burn my shoes.
I went to some opening ceremonies. At one, in a stadium, my team and I marched in (along with teams from several other countries) to the shrieks and adulation of a huge adoring crowd. Humble I may be, I could get used to THAT toot sweet. Wow!
Just a blurb for now. Perchance I'll share more at a later date.

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