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Thursday, December 06, 2007

So The Holidays Are Here Again...

 Hi y'all - on a rainy day, home sick (actually had dental surgery done - YUM! Dental pain being a great argument for atheism and/or dystheism), thought I'd update my gentle readers as to what I've been up to.

The scary individual to your right is none other than your humble deponent himself, all duded-up for Halloween. The tentative tri-title for this is:

A. Michael Jackson's confusion,
B. Ebony and Ivory, or
C. The Mime From Hell

Pick one that suits your fancy. Interpretation is such a tricksy matter.

I went to the Google Halloween bash for a few hours, and it was a lotta fun. I wish I had some pictures - there were some thoroughly AWESOME costumes - including the Burger King, and assorted others too numerous to go into here. My favorite was a young gal who dressed herself up in what looked like a brown gumdrop, with a halo and angel's wings, and announced on stage (yes, there was a long line-up at the Googleplex), that she was 'Holy Shit!'

My Thanksgiving holiday went pretty good - we began digging in, someone insisted on doing a prayer, and my little sister announced to all and sundry that I wasn't to be included - and they went ahead with a Cafe Christian homily ('Gwad is good, Gwad is great, thank you for the food we eat, amen!'), while I kept slathering food on my plate.

Musta gained 10 pounds and shaved a decade off my life, what with the rich food.

For those of you who are still interested in what I look like, the following videos are of me, doing sections from my workout, in a local park.

Though truthfully, I thought I was a little better at it than these videos show. My weaponry sets are kinda new: my hand sets/forms are miles better (at least I think so).


Straight sword:

Yes, I do indeed wave these things about in public parks, including doing my spear/staff form and a fan form, not to mention my Yang, Chen, and Fu style Tai Chi forms. Really, what good is an art form, if there's no one about to appreciate it?
Anyways, enjoy.

Hope you're having a wicked Winterval.

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karen said...

Hey KA!
I'm voting for the Mime from Hell! :)

Holy Shit was a great costume too. Will have to remember that idea.

Hope you're feeling better after the dental torture and all.

You looked pretty graceful in the videos. I'm surprised you can use the swords in public like that. Woulda been cooler if you'd had your silks on...yum!
All those moves. Is there a code of conduct to fighting? I mean, if one were actually in a fight with those swords, would one go through all those moves in response to the opponent? Or would one wait for the opportunity to let one's blade, "One -two, One two, go snicker-snack!"?

Man, I'm glad you got your job, but I miss ya!

Krystalline Apostate said...

Hi doll. Yeah, my co-workers thought it was cool too.

My chipmunk cheeks are finally subsiding.

& thanks - I work hard at my art. Since I'm in the Bay area, there's a large Asian population, so the cops don't really raise an eyebrow. Since I'm not bothering anyone.

& I miss you too, doll.